How Much Do Washington State Ferry Workers Make? (Best solution)

The salaries of Ferry Captains in Seattle, WA range from $38,310 to $134,950, with a median salary of $76,780. The middle 60% of Ferry Captains makes $76,780, with the top 80% making $134,950.

Do Washington State Ferries make money?

From a business perspective, though, Washington State Ferries (WSF) is an unsightly mess. The 23 vessels in the state’s ferry fleet carry about 23 million passengers a year and lose millions of dollars doing so. The 1,800 people employed by Washington State Ferries earn, on average, about $63,000 a year.

How many Washington state ferry workers are there?

There are approximately 1,800 passionate and dedicated employees who make Washington State Ferries operate each day.

How fast do Washington State Ferries go?

A: Going 17 knots with a 13-foot propeller turning 160 revolutions a minute — logs can do some damage.

What is the busiest ferry in Washington state?

Spectacular Washington Ferry Routes

  • Seattle–Bainbridge Island. The state’s busiest route goes to the heart of Bainbridge Island.
  • Seattle–Bremerton.
  • Mukilteo–Clinton.
  • Anacortes-Friday Harbor.
  • Find more ferries in Washington.

How much do Washington state ferry workers make 2021?

The salaries of Ferry Captains in Seattle, WA range from $38,310 to $134,950, with a median salary of $76,780. The middle 60% of Ferry Captains makes $76,780, with the top 80% making $134,950.

How much do ferry workers get paid?

The average Sydney Ferries salary ranges from approximately $59,853 per year for a Clerk Second Grade to $190,342 per year for a Senior Officer Grade A. Sydney Ferries employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 4.4/5 stars.

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What state has the largest ferry system?

Alaska Marine Highway System, Alaska Out of all the ferry operations in the United States, Alaska’s is easily the most extensive, with the Alaska Marine Highway operating a system comprised of 3,500 miles of routes navigated by a fleet of 11 vessels that can ferry both pedestrians and motor vehicles alike (even RVs!).

How many cars fit on Washington ferry?

Each ferry — the route has one ferry that holds 90 cars and two that hold 124 cars — can hold more cars than can queue up on the dock. As additional cars arrive, they line up on Fauntleroy Way Southwest, unable to fit on the dock. Once a ferry arrives, cars begin to board and room on the dock slowly opens up.

How many cars are on a ferry?

The car deck on each ferry can accommodate approximately 100 standard sized vehicles. The specific number of vehicles on any one voyage may fluctuate depending on the length of the vehicles booked on that particular voyage.

How many cars does a WA state ferry hold?

Each new ferry carries 144 vehicles. The Olympic Class design is based on the Issaquah class, the most versatile vessel in our fleet. The first vessel, Tokitae, joined the Mukilteo/Clinton route in June 2014.

How long is a Washington State Ferry?

The trip from Seattle to Bainbridge Island via ferry boat (locals refer to it merely as “the boat”) is 35 minutes. The two Washington State Ferry boats on this route are over 400 feet long, and can carry up to 200 cars and 2,500 passengers.

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What is the biggest ferry in the world?

Stena Hollandica is the world’s biggest ferry in the world and operates under the Swedish, Stena Line. The ship was launched on 16th May 2010 and in one year of its launching, has become a very popular retreat for tourists. The ship was built in the Nordic yards in Germany.

What is the newest Washington State Ferry?

The Olympic Class ferries are the newest vessels to the Washington State Ferries fleet.

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