How Much Is The Washington County Fair? (TOP 5 Tips)

Skip the line and buy online. Each ticket is good for a single adult entry on any day of the fair. No refunds, no rain dates. Children 10 and under are free.


Adults $11
Children 10 and under FREE


Is there going to be a Washington County Fair this year?

The Washington County Fair will take place August 23 – 29, 2021. The week we will be filled with agriculture exhibits and shows, motorsports, food, carnival rides, and family fun!

Where is the Washington County Fair located?

Washington County Fair, Hillsboro, Oregon.

What does admission mean at a fair?

The section of unreserved seating for an audience, as at an auditorium or stadium. The only tickets that remain unsold are for general admission. The section of a theater, stadium, etc.

Is the Oregon State Fair Cancelled 2021?

The All Oregon E-Fair is over, but you can still watch sneak peeks of the amazing entertainment we have lined up for 2021. Thanks again to our many partners, vendors, and most of all, you! We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the Oregon State Fair, August 27-September 6, 2021.

How much are bracelets at the fair?

GATE ADMISSION & RIDES: Admission is free for children 10 and younger. Admission tickets are $15 for 11 years and older Monday-Friday, and $20 on Saturday and Sunday. Ride Wristbands are $25 at the gate Monday-Friday; and $40 at the gate Saturday & Sunday.

How much is unlimited rides at the Columbia County Fair?

Unlimited Rides $15.00 and Gate Admission $5.00. Unlimited Rides does not include Gate Admission.

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How much are the fair wristbands 2020?

Children under 6 are always free. General admission parking is $15 and VIP parking is $25. Carnival tickets are $100 for 200, $50 for 100 and $20 for 40. A carnival ride wristband is $50.

How long is the Columbia County Fair Open?

2021 Columbia County Fair – Wednesday, Sep 1, 2021 until Monday, Sep 6, 2021 – Albany, NY Events. PLEASE NOTE: The information you are viewing for this event is from Wednesday, Sep 1, 2021.

What is Washington County Fair?

The Washington County Fair has become one of Washington County’s premiere festivals. It offers several days of exciting events such as a rodeo, carnival, live music & concerts, food, a variety of livestock shows, arts and crafts, special attractions, contests, commercial exhibits and more!

How long has the Washington County Fair been around?

Founded in 1857, The Washington County Fair is a reflection of the past decades of farmers, business leaders, volunteers, and youth that have, with hard work and dedication, made The Washington County Fair what it is today.

Do you have to wear a mask at OC Fair?

Do I have to wear a mask at the fair? No. Masks are only required for unvaccinated guests inside OC Fair buildings.

How much is food at the OC Fair?

Guests can get a sampling of food and treats for only $3 each every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (extended hours!!) Fun-sized samples include funnel cake, tri-tip, lemonade, cinnamon rolls, tacos, gelato, cotton candy and more. See $3 Taste of Fair Menu (Thursdays only).

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How long does the OC Fair last?

The OC Fair has grown from a small, three-day celebration to a 23-day festival that is one of Orange County’s most eagerly awaited annual events. Our mission: Celebrating Orange County’s communities, interests, agriculture and heritage.

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