How To Get A Drivers Permit In Washington State? (Correct answer)

If you’re not taking a driver training course or getting an instruction permit, the process is easy:

  1. Pre-apply online for a drivers license.
  2. Pass the knowledge test at a testing location.
  3. Apply for a license at a licensing office.
  4. Schedule a drive test at a testing station and pass the test.

How do I get my learner’s permit in Washington state?

What do I need to bring to get your permit in Washington?

  1. Fill out and sign an application for a new learner’s permit.
  2. Provide proof of your identity, age, residency, and Social Security Number or legal presence.
  3. Provide proof of your school enrollment.
  4. Pass an eye exam or bring proof of your vision from a physician.

When can you get a driver’s permit in Washington state?

At age 15, Washington teens who are enrolled in a driver’s education course can apply for an instruction or learner’s permit. Teens not enrolled in driver’s education must be 15-and-a-half years old to apply for a permit.

Can I take my permit test online?

You will probably take the permit test at the DMV. A small number of states let you take the test at other locations; check with your state to find out where. In a few states like Florida, can also take the test online. However, most states still require you to take the test in person.

Can you get your permit online in Washington?

You can now apply for a first-time driver instruction permit online! Due to COVID-19, Gov. Jay Inslee waived the instruction permit requirement for in-person signatures. If you already have an appointment to get your instruction permit, log into your account and cancel the appointment.

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How do you get a permit without drivers ed in Washington state?

You can obtain a WA Instructional Permit without taking the DOL Knowledge Exam with a Permit waiver up to 10 Days Before Class Starts. Step 2. Complete the Pre-Application with the DOL. It will generate a Driver License Number for you.

How do I schedule a permit test?

You can schedule your appointment online using our Online Driver’s Test Scheduling Service or by calling the Call Center at 1-800-932-4600.

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