How To Get Driving License In Washington State? (Solved)

How to Get an Adult Drivers License in Washington

  1. Pre-apply online for a drivers license.
  2. Pass the knowledge test at a testing location.
  3. Apply for a license at a licensing office.
  4. Schedule a drive test at a testing station and pass the test.
  5. Finalize your drivers license.

What documents do I need to get a driver’s license in Washington state?

Proof of your identity (e.g., a valid driver’s license or passport) Proof of a valid Social Security number (e.g., a Social Security card or W-2 with your SSN) Proof of Washington state residency. (e.g., a Washington ID or utility bill dated within two months)

When can you get your driver’s license in Washington state?

In order to earn your drivers license, you must: Be a Washington resident at least 16 years old. Enroll in and complete a driver training course. Hold your Washington instruction permit for at least 6 months.

Can you take the written driving test online in Washington state?

All tests are done by appointment, and you can schedule online, over the phone, via text or email, or in person. You must have passed the state knowledge test within 2 years to be eligible to take the state driving test.

How much is a Washington state driver’s license?

A standard driver’s license or I.D. card costs $54. An enhanced driver’s license or I.D. card will cost $78.

How much is a drivers license in Washington state?

Drivers License Fees In Washington State Fees are $35 to apply for a Washington State license and $45 to actually get the license. One chance to pass the tests is allowed in these fees. Tests include both a knowledge test and a driving test.

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Can you get a driver’s license without a permit?

Anyone 18 or older can apply for a driver’s license without needing to get a permit first. Any adult can apply for a driver’s license if they are a Nevada resident and are legally allowed to be in the United States. This means illegal aliens cannot apply.

What do I need for a first time driver’s license?

Be prepared. On the day of the test, be sure to bring proper identification, proof of your social security number, proof of legal residency and school enrollment (when required), a legal guardian and payment for any fees.

Can I drive alone with a permit?

While a driving permit restricts you from driving alone, it is your ticket to obtaining a driver’s license, which will ultimately allow you the freedom to drive alone, provided you follow all applicable rules and regulations.

How do I pass my driving test wa?

Before taking your road test we recommend practicing these maneuvers:

  1. Reverse 2-point parking.
  2. Observe right-of-way: allow pedestrians to cross.
  3. Stop quickly: be able to make a quick and safe stop when the examiner instructs you to at 20 mph.

Is the Washington state driving test hard?

— Washington state has one of the toughest driving tests in the country. According to the state Department of Licensing, passing rates for the knowledge test are around 46% at DOL offices. A study by personal-injury law firm Siegfried & Jensen suggests Washington is the most difficult state to get a license.

How long is the driving test in Washington state?

The exam is a 40-question multiple choice exam. The applicant must obtain an 80% or higher on the test to pass. Applicants who have already obtained their permit must have their valid permit to take the exam.

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How much does a driving test cost in WA?

Western Australia It costs $19.90 to sit for the 30-question test, plus $24.50 for a hazard perception test and $9.45 for the log book (logging 50 hours is compulsory). A one-off $109 new driver licence application fee (including one practical driving assessment) is required. The maximum speed for a learner is 100km/h.

How much is the written test in Washington?

Written (knowledge) test- $30.00 for first two attempts. Washington Driver Education Center 101 (WADEC101) now provides the Department of Licensing (DOL) Knowledge and Skills exams.

How much is a drivers test in Washington?

Your test can be taken at your local DOL by computer or at a driving school if you’re currently enrolled, and the cost will be $25 plus an additional test fee, which will vary by location.

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