How To Read Court Case Numbers Washington State? (Solution found)

The first 2 digits of the case number are used to indicate the year the case was filed. The third digit is used to designate the case type. The next series of digits is the actual sequential number of the case beginning from “00001” in that particular year.

What does C mean in a court case number?

California Docket Numbers By consulting the LA County Superior Court’s case number prefix matrix, we can tell the above docket is in the central district (B) is a civil case (C) and has the sequence number 123456.

What do the letters in a docket number mean?

The nature of the proceeding is abbreviated by a letter code. For example, “R” stands for a Rate case, and “RM” is a Rulemaking case. The letter code is then followed by the current year and the number of the case for that year. For example the 2nd rate case for FY2009 would be Docket R2009-2.

What is the difference between a case number and a cause number?

As nouns the difference between cause and case is that cause is the source of, or reason for, an event or action; that which produces or effects a result while case is an actual event, situation, or fact or case can be a box that contains or can contain a number of identical items of manufacture.

What is O status in court?

Order Status O column on DCH and ICH screens for district/municipal court cases and superior court cases filed in or converted to JIS. A. Active.

What does R mean on court list?

R. The letter R commonly represents Regina, the latin term for the Queen. In criminal proceedings, “R” refers to the Crown or the Commonwealth.

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How do you read a case caption?

Reading a Case Citation the names of the parties involved in the lawsuit. the volume number of the reporter containing the full text of the case. the abbreviated name of that case reporter. the page number on which the case begins the year the case was decided; and sometimes.

How do you find the index number of a case?

The number is called the case or docket or index number, and it appears prominently near the top of every document associated with the action. Start to finish, the case or docket or index number is the way the court tracks the paperwork of the case.

What does B mean in court?

B. BAIL – A method of ensuring that the defendant in a criminal case will appear in court for future proceedings if he or she is released from jail after being arrested. The defendant or someone acting for him or her deposits money with the court or agrees to pay a certain amount (post surety.)

What does JG mean in court?

judge. (redirected from jg)

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