WASHINGTON STATE FLOWERS Coast Rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum), also known as California Rhododendron or California Rosebay is the State flower of Washington. Rhododendron is referred to as the King of Shrubs and they are the best flowering evergreen plants for the temperate landscape.What is washington state’s flower

What is Washington state’s animal?

Olympic marmot

What are five flowers that are native to Washington state?

  • Aquilegia formosa. Ranunculaceae. Sitka Columbine.
  • Arbutus menziesii. Ericaceae. Madrone.
  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi. Ericaceae. Kinnikinnick.

Why is the rhododendron the state flower of Washington?

In 1892, before they had the right to vote, Washington women selected the coast rhododendron as the state flower. They wanted an official flower to enter in a floral exhibit at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. … When the ballots were counted, the rhododendron had been chosen as the Washington state flower.

What is the state of Washington famous for?

WashingtonCapital: OlympiaEntered the Union: Nov. 11, 1889 (42)State Fruit: AppleState Song “Washington, My Home”National Forests: 6 • State Parks: 215Famous For: Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, the Space Needle, National Parks, apples

What is Washington’s nickname?

The Evergreen State

What are Washington State colors?


What plants grow well in Washington state?

Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale are good vegetables for a Washington garden. Carrots, beets and new potatoes should go in about two weeks after radishes, and you should wait until after the last frost date to plant potatoes that take longer to mature, like russets.

What kind of plants grow in Washington state?

Major tree species are Douglas fir, hemlock, western red cedar, and ponderosa pine, found mainly in the mountain regions. On the semiarid parts of the Columbia basin, grasses prevail, merging into sagebrush and other scattered shrubs in the driest areas.

What plants grow in Washington state?

Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens for Western Washington

  • BEANS. Plant Bush beans until late July to produce a good crop before frost. …
  • BEETS. Beets can be planted until August 1 and produce a dependable crop. …
  • BROCCOLI. Direct seed until mid-July and transplant until mid-August. …
  • CABBAGE. …
  • CARROTS. …
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What makes Washington special?

The state of Washington is the only state to be named after a United States president. Seattle is home to the first revolving restaurant, 1961. Washington state produces more apples than any other state in the union. Washington state has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined.

What is the national flower of the United States?


When did Washington became a state?

November 11, 1889

What is the most popular food in Washington state?

These 12 Iconic Foods In Washington Will Have Your Mouth Watering

  • Theo Chocolate. Eli Duke / Flickr. …
  • Rainier Cherries. sea turtle / Flickr. …
  • Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips. Flickr / Jeffrey Simpson. …
  • Cedar planked salmon. John Bencina / Flickr. …
  • Fish & Chips. Mr.TinDC / Flickr. …
  • Apples. …
  • Aplets & Cotlets. …
  • Red raspberries.

Why is it called Washington State?

Granted statehood in 1889, Washington was named in honor of George Washington; it is the only U.S. state named after a president. … The majestic Mount Rainier soars above Seattle and is the highest peak in the continental United States. Another Washington landmark, Mount St.

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