What county is port orchard washington in

How far is Port Orchard from Gig Harbor?

  • There are 14.82 miles from Port Orchard to Gig Harbor in south direction and 18 miles (28.97 kilometers) by car, following the WA 16 E route.

Is Port Orchard a good place to live?

Port Orchard is a good and safe community to live in. It is right by the water which provides beautiful scenery, the community is support of the local highschool. I like Port Orchard becuase it is a very close knit community with lots of diversity. There is many activities to join and public parks.

What county is Bremerton Washington in?


Is Port Orchard safe?

The report listed Port Orchard as having a total of 700 crimes, or 67 violent crimes and 633 property crimes. It listed the city as having a rate of 49.06 crimes with 1.68 law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents. Two board classifications of crime were included in the report.

How big is Port Orchard Washington?

29,03 км²

What city in Washington has the highest crime rate?


What is Port Orchard known for?

Port Orchard is a beautiful waterfront community with a population of 14,770 residents. Our City is the County seat for Kitsap County, with a countywide population of approximately 230,000 which is known for manufacturing, defense, and technology.

What is Bremerton famous for?

Bremerton, city, Kitsap county, western Washington, U.S., on Port Orchard Bay across Puget Sound from Seattle (connected by ferry). William Bremer laid out the site in 1891 and promoted the establishment of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

What is Bremerton WA known for?

Bremerton is the largest city in the region and terminal for one of four WA State Ferry routes from the Seattle area to the Kitsap Peninsula. It is famous for its historic Naval and maritime heritage.

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Where should I live in Kitsap County?

  • Bainbridge Island. Suburb of Seattle, WA. 40 reviews. …
  • Silverdale. Town in Washington. 66 reviews. …
  • Poulsbo. Suburb of Seattle, WA. 53 reviews. …
  • Chico. Suburb of Seattle, WA. #4 Best Places to Live in Kitsap County. …
  • Suquamish. Suburb of Seattle, WA. …
  • Lofall. Suburb of Seattle, WA. …
  • Seabeck. Suburb of Seattle, WA. …
  • Indianola. Town in Washington.

Is Tacoma a ghetto?

But overall, Tacoma is the 3rd most dangerous place you can live in Washington. 10 murders in 2013 is a lot for Washington. And there were more than 13,000 robberies, arsons and burglaries in Tacoma that same year. … Twitter blew up about Tacoma ghetto mentions.

Is Yakima a dangerous city?

While “There’s More To Yakima” than crime, that does seem to be a fairly big problem for this 93,419 population city. The violent crime ranked sixth, with the majority of those crimes being assaults, and the property crime ranked eighth, with the majority of those being thefts.

What is the sales tax in Port Orchard WA?


What is the elevation of Port Orchard WA?

22 m

What is the population of Port Orchard WA?

14,389 (2018)

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