What Did Mrs. Washington Jones Say? (Solution found)

Jones says, “I have done things, too.” Imagine that she had a “Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones” who was kind to her.

What did Mrs Jones say that is surprising?

To Roger’s surprise, she suggests that he “could of asked me. ”

What did Mrs Jones say to Roger?

At the end of ” Thank You, Ma’am”, Mrs. Jones advises Roger to behave himself. She shows him kindness and gives him the money that he had

What was Mrs Jones warning to the boy?

She would hate for Roger to make the same mistake again and she tells him so, warning him that shoes “come by devilish like” (meaning shoes that are obtained dishonestly) will only “burn your feet.” She sends Roger on his way with the money for the shoes and hopefully a strong message to “behave yourself, boy!”

How does Mrs Jones speak?

It is clear to the reader that Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones is a proud woman but her language use “Ain’t you got nobody home to tell you “reveals her social status. She is not a wealthy person (with her “ten-cent cake”), despite her very grand name and demeanour.

What does Mrs Jones mean when she warns Roger about stealing and says that shoes come by devilish like that will burn your feet?

Jones mean when she tells Roger that “shoes come by devilish like that will burn your feet.” If you buy shoes that don’t fit, they will hurt so much that it will feel as if your feet are burning. If you buy shoes with stolen money, your sense of guilt will make you feel as if the shoes are burning your feet.

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Why does Roger say only thank you M am to Mrs Jones at the end of the story what else do you think he wants to say Use details from the text to support your answer?

In parting, Roger likely wants to tell Mrs. Luella Bates that he appreciates her grace and authenticity in “Thank You, M’am.” He likely also regrets singling out this strong and kind woman as his victim.

What was Mrs Jones final advice to Roger?

Mrs. Jones’s parting words of advice to Roger are ” Goodnight! Behave yourself, boy! ” To these words Roger, who is dumbstruck by the events of the evening, can only manage to reply, “Thank you, M’am.”

What was the first thing that the woman said to Roger in the story?

When Roger trips and falls, the first thing that Mrs. Jones does is to kick him in the pants. Then, she picks him up by his shirt and begins chastening him. She shakes him and says, “Pick up my pocketbook, boy, and give it here.” Still holding onto him, she asks him if he will run if she lets go of his shirt.

Why does Mrs Jones mention her past?

Why does Mrs Jones tells Roger about her past? After Roger tries to steal her purse, Mrs. Jones tells Roger that she was young once and wanted things she could not get.

Why does Mrs Jones say that she wishes Roger were her own son?

She wants Roger to feel trustworthy. She wants Roger to feel miserable.

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What did Mrs Bates warn Roger?

Ans) Mrs. Bates warned Roger not to steal things by dishonest means.

What was the first question of Mrs Jones to Roger?

Ans: Mrs. Jones asked Roger to pick up her pocketbook in the story “ Thank You Ma’am ”.

What is the message of thank you ma am?

Three themes present in “Thank You, Ma’am” are Forgiveness and Empathy, the Power of Love and Trust, and Christian Charity. When Roger first snatches the purse of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, she wrestles him and drags him to her furnished room at the rear of a house.

Is thank you ma’am a real story?

Thank You Ma’am, by Langston Hughes, takes place in 1950’s Harlem, New York. It’s a realistic fiction story about a young flippant boy named Roger who tries to take a comely and opinionated elderly woman’s pocketbook.

What did Ms Jones Feed Roger?

ask the boy anything about where he lived, or his folks, or anything else that would embarrass him. After they eat, Mrs. Jones generously gives Roger ten dollars with which to purchase the blue suede shoes he desires, urging him to behave.

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