What is the tax on alcohol in washington state

Spirits sales tax is based on the selling price of spirits in the original package. The rate paid by the general public is 20.5%. The rate paid by on-premises retailers such as restaurants and bars on purchases from distributors and distillers is 13.7%.

What is the sales tax on alcohol in Washington State?

  • In Washington, taxes include an alcohol-specific sales tax and retail (17%) and distributor (10%) license fees, converted to a per-gallon rate. The Washington liquor tax applies to all hard alcohol (alchoholic beverages other then beer and wine), and is already included in the purchase price by the retailer.

Washington has the highest spirits tax in the United States at $33.22 per gallon. This is over $10 more than the second-highest tax in the state of Oregon at $21.95. Following these two states is Virginia with $19.89, Alabama with $19.11, and Utah with $15.92.

Why is Washington state liquor tax so high?

Bottom line: Liquor is expensive in Washington. … The spirits sales tax is based on the selling price of spirits in the original package, according to the state’s Department of Revenue website. That’s 20.5 percent when you buy your bottle of gin from a store.

What is the tax on beer in Washington state?


How much is tax and licensing in Washington state?

Washington State Vehicle Sales Tax on Car Purchases

According to the Sales Tax Handbook, a 6.5 percent sales tax rate is collected by Washington State. On top of that is a 0.3 percent lease/vehicle sales tax.

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What is the federal tax on liquor?

Alcohol Excise Taxes

Distilled spirits generally are taxed at $13.50 per proof gallon (a proof gallon is one liquid gallon that is 50 percent alcohol), but a lower rate ($13.34) applies through end of 2020 to quantities of less than 22.23 million proof gallons removed from the distillery or imported.

Is it cheaper to buy alcohol in Oregon or Washington?

Gas: Oregon and Washington definitely cheaper than California. … Washington has allowed grocery stores to carry liquor but their prices are not any better. Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax but there are state taxes on gas and liquor included in the pricing.

What state has the highest alcohol tax?

Washington state

What would be the tax on a gallon of beer in Alaska?

$1.07 / gallon

What are the liquor laws in Washington state?

The law allows liquor to be sold, served, and consumed between 6 am and 2 am, seven days a week. After 2 am no one may possess, consume or be served alcohol at a licensed premises. Alcohol can not leave the premises.

What is the tax on a barrel of beer?

PRODUCTTAXTAX PER PACKAGE (usually to nearest cent)BeerBarrel (31 gallons)12 oz. canRegular Rate$18$0.05Reduced Rate$7 on first 60,000 barrels for brewer who produces less than 2 million barrels. $18 per barrel after the first 60,000 barrels.$0.02WineWine Gallon750ml bottle

What is the Washington state excise tax rate?


How much is tax on a car in Washington state?

“The state of Washington taxes all sales of automobiles at a rate of 6.5 percent, which is the standard retail sales tax. In addition, Washington county taxes are applied as well at a rate of 0.3 percent of the sales price.” The added tax is for the city.

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How much is tax and licensing on a used car in Washington?

The 2020 Washington state sales tax rate of 6.5%, plus a 0.3% “motor vehicle sales / lease tax”, the state tax levied on the purchase or lease of all vehicles is 6.8%. Washington has state also allows local governments to collect a local option sales tax of up to 4.00%.

What is the cheapest state to buy liquor in?

Spirits are taxed the least in Wyoming and New Hampshire, where government-run stores have set prices low enough that they are comparable to having no taxes on spirits. Following Wyoming and New Hampshire are Missouri ($2.00), Colorado ($2.28), Texas ($2.40), and Kansas ($2.50).

What is an example of an excise tax?

Excise taxes are most often levied upon cigarettes, alcohol, gasoline and gambling. These are often considered superfluous or unnecessary goods and services. To raise taxes on them is to raise their price and to reduce the amount they are used. In this context, excise taxes are sometimes known as “sin taxes.”

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