What is the unemployment rate in washington state

  • Washington and U.S. Year Washington U.S. 2019 4.3% 3.7% 2018 4.5% 3.9% 2017 4.7% 4.4% 2016 5.3% 4.9% 2015 5.6% 5.3% 2014 6.1% 6.2% 2013 7.0% 7.4% 2012 8.1% 8.1% 2011 9.3% 8.9% 2010 10.0% 9.6% 2009 Unemployment rates | Office of Financial Management

Washington’s economy decreased by -9,900 jobs in December, unemployment rate raised to 7.1% The U-6 unemployment rate has risen to 10.9%. Press ESC to clear any mark selections.

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in the state of Washington?


What is the unemployment rate today 2020?

In August 2020, the national unemployment rate was at 8.4 percent.

Unemployment rateMay ‘2013.3%Apr ‘2014.7%Mar ‘204.4%Feb ‘203.5%

What is the unemployment rate per state?

The unemployment rate in the United States varies across states. Nation-wide unemployment was 10.2 percent as of July 2020.

State unemployment rate in the U.S. as of July 2020 (seasonally adjusted)StateUnemployment rateAlaska11.6%Illinois11.3%Florida11.3%Rhode Island11.2%

What is the lowest unemployment rate in the US history?

The lowest unemployment rate was 1.2% in 1944. It may seem counterintuitive to think unemployment can get too low, but it can. The Federal Reserve says that the natural rate of unemployment falls between 3.5% and 4.5%.

How long does unemployment last in WA?

26 weeks

How many hours can I work and still collect unemployment in Washington state?

Whether you worked enough hours in your base year: You must have worked at least 680 hours in your base year. At least some wages must have been earned in Washington, unless you recently left the military and are currently located in Washington state.

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Will we go into a depression 2020?

In 2020, there is little consensus on what to do and how to do it. Return to our definition of an economic depression. First, the current slowdown is without doubt global. Most postwar U.S. recessions have limited their worst effects to the domestic economy.

Is the US going into a recession in 2020?

WASHINGTON — The United States economy officially entered a recession in February 2020, the committee that calls downturns announced on Monday, bringing the longest expansion on record to an end as the coronavirus pandemic caused economic activity to slow sharply.

Is a recession coming?

The global economy is expected to head into a recession—almost 11 years after the most recent one—as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to shutter businesses and keep people at home. But some economists expect to see a V-shaped recession, rather than the U-shaped one seen during the 2008 financial crisis.

Which state has the worst unemployment?

Unemployment rate by jurisdictionRankRank (50 states)State federal district or territory11Nevada22Michigan33Hawaii44Rhode Island

What state has the lowest unemployment benefit?

State Unemployment, Ranked From Least Supportive To MostRankStateMax Benefit1Florida$2752South Carolina$3263Louisiana$2474Arizona$240

Which state has the highest unemployment pay?


What did Trump do for the economy?

A key part of President Trump’s economic strategy during his first three years (2017–2019) was to boost economic growth via tax cuts and additional spending, both of which significantly increased federal budget deficits.

Is US unemployment at an all time low?

The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since May 1969—over 50 years ago. … The labor force participation rate—which includes people who are working and those looking for work—stayed constant in September at 63.2 percent and is 0.5 percentage point above the rate when the President was elected in November 2016.

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