What is the zip code for puyallup washington

What is Puyallup area code?

Area code 253

What is the zip code for the state of Washington?

Washington ZIP Code ListZip Codes for the State of WashingtonZip CodeCityCounty98101SeattleKing98102SeattleKing98103SeattleKing

What city has the zip code 00001?

Zip codes 00001 – 00122, Alaska, United States: Maps.

Is Puyallup Washington a good place to live?

Puyallup is a great town. A good amount to do and relatively low crime rates. The schools are also good. It is getting more expensive to live here because of rising housing rates in Seattle.

What area is 253?

Area code 253 is a telephone dialing code in Washington for the cities south of Seattle and of the southern Puget Sound area, centered at Tacoma and extending to include the areas around Gig Harbor, Auburn, and Roy. It currently serves the western half of Pierce County, Washington as well as southern King County.

What is the zip code for Auburn?


What is the area code for Washington State?

Area code 360Area code 509Area code 425Area code 253Area code 206

What is Alaska’s zip code?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 995 in AlaskaZip CodeCityCounty99501AnchorageAnchorage Borough99502AnchorageAnchorage Borough99503AnchorageAnchorage Borough99504AnchorageAnchorage Borough

Is there a zip code 11111?

11111 is not a valid 5 digit ZIP Code, but there are valid ZIP Codes that start with 111: 11101, 11102, etc.23 мая 2019 г.

What zip code is 66666?

Zip codes 00001 – 00122, Alaska, United States: Maps.

What zip code is 77777?

77777USA usa zip code,postal code:77777Location:Marne-la-ValléeState/Province or City:Île-de-FranceState/Province or City Abbreviation or Code:A8State/Province or City:Seine-et-Marne

What is the crime rate in Puyallup WA?

58 per one thousand residents

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How Safe Is Tacoma Washington?

Tacoma’s crime rates are a bit higher than the average for Washington towns and cities overall, but this does not mean you will be victimized or even feel unsafe when you’re out and about. Despite a near constant slew of insults from Seattleites, Tacoma is a beautiful city with many safe areas.

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