What Number A Is Washington High School? (Solved)

How many students are in Washington High School?

  • Washington High School. Washington High School, located in Washington, NC, serves 890 students in grades nine through twelve with over 75 staff members. We provide a rigorous curriculum and a multitude of opportunities to all students.

What is Washington High School District?

About Us. Washington High School was established as part of the Glendale Union High School District in 1955. Washington is a part of the College Board’s 2013 National Advanced Placement District of the Year. Washington High School is located in Phoenix, off 23rd Avenue and Glendale Avenue.

What number is the last year of High School?

Twelfth grade, 12th grade, senior year, or grade 12 is the final year of secondary school in most of North America. In other regions, it may also be referred to as class 12 or Year 13. In most countries, students are usually between the ages of 17 and 18 years old.

Does Washington High School wear uniforms?

Washington has required uniforms since 2006. But now, the committee studying the issue says majorities of teachers, parents and students all oppose the policy, and a uniform requirement may sway some students to choose other high schools over Washington.

How big is Washington mo high school?

Washington High School’s student population of 1,325 students has stayed relatively flat over five school years.

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