Where In Washington State Should I Live? (Correct answer)

10 best places to live in Washington State

  • Olympia. The capital city has a lot going on.
  • Spokane. On the eastern edge of Washington State is the lovely Spokane Valley, filled with mountain lakes, waterfalls, and wineries.
  • Bellingham.
  • Redmond.
  • Issaquah.
  • Kirkland.
  • Walla Walla.
  • Mercer Island.

Where is it affordable to live in Washington state?

Quincy. Arguably the cheapest place to live in Washington, the town of Quincy boasts low home prices as well as affordable rent costs. The median home cost in Quincy is $306,000. Renters make up 37.9% of the population.

Is it good to live in Washington state?

Washington has a super low crime rate, beating the vast majority of the rest of the US in police statistics, making it one of the safest places to live in the country. The weather, although rainy, is mostly temperate throughout the year, especially towards the western side of the state.

What is the best small town to live in Washington?

The 10 Best Small Towns To Live In Washington For 2020

  • Yarrow Point (Homes)
  • Medina (Photos | Homes)
  • Clyde Hill (Photos | Homes)
  • Walla Walla East (Homes)
  • Woodway (Homes)
  • Canterwood (Homes)
  • Lake Marcel-Stillwater (Homes)
  • Wilderness Rim (Homes)

What is bad about Washington?

Washington has a higher overall rate of crime than most other states do, based on FBI reporting for both property and violent crime. Washington’s high crime rate puts it in the bottom 25% of states and is a major factor in pulling the state’s overall ranking among states lower.

Why you shouldn’t move to Washington state?

1. Winters are too cold, and summers are too hot. Experiencing all four seasons comes at a cost. Washingtonians pretty much hate life from November to March, and if they live in the land of no air conditioning (Western Washington), they hate it again in July.

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Should I live in Seattle or Portland?

When it comes to which city is better to live in, it’s a personal preference. But when it comes to cost of living and crowds, Portland is the winner. If you live city living and prefer that environment, Seattle is better. If you like green space and outdoor activities, Portland is superior.

What do I need to know about moving to Washington state?

12 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Washington State

  • What it’s Like Living in Washington State.
  • Cost of Living in Washington State.
  • Washington State Income and State Taxes.
  • Washington’s State Economy and Job Market.
  • Washington State is Located in the Glorious Pacific Northwest.
  • The Weather in Washington.

Is it cheaper to live in Portland or Seattle?

Portland is 24.1% less expensive than Seattle. Portland housing costs are 41.3% less expensive than Seattle housing costs. Health related expenses are 0.8% more in Portland.

What is the prettiest town in Washington?

Gig Harbor Just 12 miles northwest of Tacoma, connected by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge across Puget Sound, Gig Harbor is on a bay of the same name and is perhaps the most picturesque town in the United States. Much of that stunning scenery is thanks to its historic downtown waterfront.

What is the prettiest city in Washington state?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Washington

  • Friday Harbor.
  • La Conner.
  • Leavenworth.
  • Port Townsend.
  • Poulsbo.
  • Republic.
  • Walla Walla.
  • Winthrop. Situated in the heart of Methow Valley on the North Cascades Scenic Byway, Winthrop is the town to visit if travelers want to feel as though they have stepped back into the Old West.
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What is the friendliest town in Washington State?

Sammamish Named Friendliest Town in America | Sammamish, WA Patch.

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