Where Is Lummi Island Washington? (Solved)

Lummi Island lies at the southwest corner of Whatcom County, Washington, United States, between the mainland part of the county and offshore San Juan County. The Lummi Indian Reservation is situated on a peninsula east of the island, but does not include Lummi Island.

How do you get to Lummi Island?

Just a hop, skip, and jump away from Bellingham, all you need to do to get yourself to Lummi Island is head to Gooseberry Point Ferry Landing (located on the west side of the Lummi Nation peninsula). The ferry dock is about a 25-minute drive from Bellingham.

What city is Lummi Island?

Welcome to Lummi Island Lummi Island is quiet, intimate, and uniquely accessible near Bellingham, Washington. A short ferry crossing reveals a vibrant artist community, legendary dining, and stunning vistas of the Salish Sea.

Is Lummi Island Private?

Lummi is located near Bellingham, WA and can only be reached by private boat or a small county ferry, the Whatcom Chief (pictured above). Lummi is about two hours from Seattle and 1-1/2 hours from Vancouver, BC. The island is absolutely stunning with untouched, natural beauty and a small population of residents.

Is Lummi Island worth visiting?

More information: 360-758-2620 or willows-inn.com.

Do you need a car on Lummi Island?

About Lummi Island, Washington. The island is only accessible via a 5-minute ride on the Whatcom Chief ferry that holds only 22 cars.

How do you say Lummi Island?

Lummi. Lummi isn’t pronounced LOO-mi, contrary what never everyone seems to think. This island northeast of the San Juans, was enamed in 1853 in honor of the indigenous people of the Lummi Nation, and is pronounced “LUH-mee.”

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What is it like to live on Lummi Island?

In spite of a strong appreciation of community ties and traditions, islanders love their solitude. The island itself is central to their sense of belonging, identity and value system. Lummi Island is generally a “live and let live” kind of place, with a high level of tolerance and acceptance of differences.

Is Lummi Island in the rain shadow?

None-the-less, the San Juan Islands are located in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains and this region is known as the banana belt of the Pacific northwest.

What language do Lummi speak?

The Lummi Nation, are a Native American tribe of the Coast Salish ethnolinguistic group in western Washington state in the United States. They continue to speak the traditional Salishan language. They expressed their language and religious traditions through elaborate carvings on totems and ceremonies.

Can you see whales from Lummi Island?

Sign up for one of their Orca Whale and Wildlife trips, which can pick you up right in front of the Willows Inn on Lummi Island, and be prepared for an amazing experience. In fact, they spot Orcas or Gray Whales on almost 95% of their trips.

Is Lummi Island Open?

DNR and Baker Preserve closed Lummi Island Heritage Trust has also closed Baker Preserve as it is the access trail to state lands. However, the Otto Preserve and Curry Preserve remain open for now!

How do you pay for Lummi Island ferry?

The ferry crew collects round-trip fares on the trip to the island. You can pay with all major credit cards and debit cards with a credit card logo, with the exception of American Express. If you’re on foot or bike, you’ll wait and load at the gate and load as directed.

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Who owns the Willows Inn?

According to public records, Mr. Wetzel co-owns the Willows with one partner, Tim McEvoy, who did not respond to requests for comment. After 10 years with Mr. Wetzel in charge, the relationship between the inn and Lummi’s residents is showing signs of strain.

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