Where To Find Obsidian In Washington State? (Solution)

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Can you find obsidian in Washington state?

The Elk Pass obsidian source is one of only 12 geochemically distinct primary sources of obsidian identified to date in the state of Washington. For the majority of archaeological sites where this material has been identified, obsidian represents a very small percentage of the toolstone assemblage.

Where can I dig for obsidian?

The Warner Mountains are famous for the variety of obsidian and for the four mines where the public can, with a permit, collect it. The four mines – Pink Lady, Lassen Creek Rainbow, Needles and Middle Fork Davis Creek – are all located within a few miles of US Hwy 395 in northeast California.

Where in the US can obsidian be found?

Obsidian is restricted to volcanic regions, and in the United States, obsidian outcrops are widely distributed in the Mountain West, Southwest, California, Oregon, and Washington State. Many of these sources are represented among Native American artifacts housed in the Museum’s North American collections.

Where is obsidian found in Idaho?

Obsidian sources are numerous on and near the Snake River Plain of Idaho, and it is common for the lithic assemblages of southern Idaho archaeological sites to be composed of up to 90% obsidian.

Is it rare to find obsidian?

Occurrence of Obsidian Obsidian is found in many locations worldwide. It is confined to areas of geologically recent volcanic activity. Obsidian older than a few million years is rare because the glassy rock is rapidly destroyed or altered by weathering, heat, or other processes.

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Where can I dig for crystals in Washington state?

Snohomish County is a great place to find quartz and the occasional even amethyst crystal. One of the most popular destinations in the area is Cedar Ponds. You’ll be able to find a variety of both types of crystal here, but the clear variation is much more common.

Is it illegal to collect obsidian?

No matter where the deposits of obsidian are located, always check with the property owner before attempting to collect on the land. Rock collecting in general is prohibited in many national and state parks, as well as mines or other commercially owned areas.

Can you find obsidian in your backyard?

Obsidian Is a Fairly Common Backyard Gemstone Obsidian has a glass-like texture that is usually black but can sometimes be green or brown.

Where can I find raw obsidian?

Find obsidian in the margins of lava flows where cooling is rapid. One of the best places to find obsidian in the United States is Glass Buttes in central Oregon. Fist-size pieces can be found here in abundance on the surface. Examine the general appearance of obsidian.

How much is obsidian worth?

There is no set value or market for obsidian, unlike silver and gold, where there are world markets and indices. Obsidian is not an expensive stone. This being the case, a piece of obsidian can cost $2 or $100 depending on the quality and processing it has undergone, you can shop at Amazon.

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