Who Owns The Washington Post Now? (Solved)

In 2013, Jeff Bezos purchased the paper for US$250 million. The newspaper is now owned by Nash Holdings LLC, a company controlled by Bezos.

Is The Washington Post privately owned?

On June 15, The Washington Post Company went public with the sale of Class B common stock to the general public for $26 per share. Until then The Post Company had been privately held. Its stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol WPO.

Who is the executive editor of The Washington Post?

After nearly a decade of revitalization under the ownership of the multibillionaire Jeff Bezos and the newsroom leadership of Martin Baron, The Washington Post announced on Tuesday that it had selected Sally Buzbee, the executive editor of The Associated Press, as its next top editor. Ms.

Who is the owner of the New York Post?

In 1976, Rupert Murdoch bought the Post for US$30.5 million. Since 1993, the Post has been owned by Murdoch’s News Corp. Its distribution ranked 4th in the US in 2019.

Who owns the Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a newspaper and news agency based in New York, N.Y. It was founded in by Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser in 1889. The WSJ is a division of Dow Jones, which is currently owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

What news outlet does Jeff Bezos own?

The boss of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has agreed to purchase the Washington Post newspaper for $250m (£163m). Mr Bezos is buying the paper and its other print properties in a personal capacity. The Post has been owned by the Graham family for 80 years.

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Who owns Graham holdings?

Donald Graham is currently the largest shareholder, with 11% of shares outstanding. BlackRock, Inc. is the second largest shareholder owning 7.8% of common stock, and The Vanguard Group, Inc. holds about 6.9% of the company stock. Furthermore, CEO Timothy O’Shaughnessy is the owner of 1.5% of the company’s shares.

What does Nash Holdings own?

Nash Holdings LLC is the private company owned by Bezos that bought The Washington Post for $250 million. Bezos Family Foundation is run by Jeff Bezos’ parents, and is funded through Amazon stock. It focuses on early education, and has also made an investment in LightSail Education’s $11 million Series B round.

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