How many breweries in washington state

How many breweries are in Washington State 2019?

140 breweries

How many breweries are in Washington State 2018?

404 breweries

Which state has the most breweries?


How many breweries are in Seattle?

174 breweries

What state has the best beer?


What country has most craft breweries?

the U.S.

What beer is made in Washington state?

BreweriesBreweryCityProduction by year in barrels2014Pike Brewing CompanySeattle13,075Hale’s AlesSeattle10,783Fremont BrewingSeattle18,995

What is the beer Longmire drinks?

In the A&E 2012 television series Longmire, the series’ main character Sheriff Walt Longmire exclusively drinks Rainier beer, and can be seen drinking it throughout the series.

How many breweries are in Spokane?

Spanning the states of Washington and Idaho, the Inland Northwest Ale Trail contains 35 craft breweries. It’s the perfect resource to plan your next brewery trip, no matter how large or small. The trail contains some fantastic Spokane establishments such as Perry Street Brewing and Big Barn Brewing Co.

What is the beer capital of America?


Where is the beer capital of the world?


Which city has the most craft breweries?

Portland, Maine

Which US city has the most breweries?


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