How many miles from atlanta georgia to washington dc

How far is Atlanta from Washington DC by car?

Distance between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. is 872 kilometers (542 miles). Driving distance from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. is 1025 kilometers (637 miles).

What is the halfway point between Washington DC and Atlanta GA?

The best city between Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA to meet is Greensboro, North Carolina which is about 12 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Freeman Mill, North Carolina. The closest zip code to the midpoint is 27263.

How far is Atlanta Georgia from Washington DC?

about 542 miles

How long is a train ride from DC to Atlanta?

13 hours and 43 minutes

How far is Memphis from Washington DC?

767 miles

How long is the drive from DC to Atlanta?

9 hours, 34 minutes

How much is Amtrak from Atlanta to DC?

How much are train tickets from Atlanta to Washington DC?Lowest Price$106.00Fastest Train13h 49mTrains Per Day1Train Lines1

How far is Atlanta to Chicago?

587 miles

Is Atlanta the fastest growing city?

Atlanta was the fourth fastest growing metro area in the country between 2010 and 2019, adding just over 730,000 people, according to the U.S. Census. Metro Atlanta, including the cities Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and Alpharetta, saw population surge by 733,646, growing from almost 5.3 million to just over 6 million.

How far is Georgia from Washington state?

570 miles

How long is the drive from Baltimore to Atlanta?

10 hours, 17 minutes

How far is North Carolina from Atlanta?

Distance from North Carolina to Atlanta is 540 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 336 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between North Carolina and Atlanta is 540 km= 336 miles.

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Is Amtrak cheaper than flying?

The US Amtrak system isn’t perfect. There isn’t service to every city in the US, and cross-country trains still remain slow and expensive when compared to flying. However, if you’re hopping across a few states, it can be less expensive and sometimes faster than taking a flight. … The cheapest flight available is $265.

How much is a train ticket to Atlanta?

$14.00 is the cheapest price for a train ticket to Atlanta, according to recent searches on Wanderu. You can use our search to check if this price is currently available on buses from your city to Atlanta. In the last month, trains from Gainesville to Atlanta had the lowest average price at $14.00.

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