How many starbucks in washington state

Top 10 cities with the most number of Starbucks locations in the US

City State/Territory Number of Locations
Los Angeles California 165
Las Vegas Nevada 164
Houston Texas 148
Seattle Washington 134
  • We find 223 Starbucks locations in Washington. All Starbucks locations in your state Washington (WA).

How many Starbucks are in Seattle?


How many Starbucks are in Washington DC?

91 Starbucks

Which city has the most Starbucks in the world?


How many Starbucks are in the US?

How many Starbucks are there in the U.S.? Globally famous coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, accounted for 8,791 company-operated and 6,250 licensed stores in the United States in 2019.

Which state has the most Starbucks?


Which country has the most Starbucks per capita?

You would definitely expect the answer to be the United States, but when we compared the number of stores relative to the population, we discovered that in fact Monaco wins the title for most stores per person, although the US does come in at second place!

Does every state have a Starbucks?

The Starbucks Map of America

As you can see, Starbucks are absolutely everywhere. California has 2,468. The state with the fewest is Vermont, which just has four. … That’s not surprising, given that Starbucks was started in Seattle.

Does Alaska have Starbucks?

Alaska. Well done, Alaska! That’s approximately one Starbucks for every 15,127 residents.

How many Starbucks are in Massachusetts?

Across the state, there are more than 500 Starbucks and 1,200 Dunkins.

What country has no Starbucks?

With the exception of the three locations in Morocco and 18 in Egypt, there are no Starbucks in continental Africa. As the map above shows, the farthest you can get from a Starbucks anywhere in the world is 1,370 miles (2,200 km), off the coast South Africa, in the Indian Ocean.27 мая 2014 г.

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What state does not have a Starbucks?

The state that has the fewest Starbucks: Vermont, with only four statewide. People either love their coffee or don’t. Dunkin’ Donuts and their plain black brew does not do noticeably better in states with fewer Starbucks.

What is the most expensive thing at Starbucks?

Caffeine addicts of the world, meet your leader. Andrew Chifari claims to have created the world’s most expensive Starbucks drink, containing 60 shots of espresso and costing a staggering $54.75. It’s called the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino.28 мая 2014 г.

Does China own Starbucks?

2017 – Starbucks acquired remaining shares from its East China joint venture partner to become the sole operator of all Starbucks stores in mainland China.

Do people actually win Starbucks for life?

Last year’s big holiday contest was the so-named “Starbucks for Life,” a giveaway that would eventually grant 14 lucky Starbucks cardholders one free item per day for 30 years. … And exactly zero people will actually win free Starbucks coffee for their entire lives.

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