How many times has denzel washington been married

How long has Denzel Washington been married?

Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta have one of the most enduring marriages in Hollywood, having been together for 36 years this month. The couple first met in 1977, on the set of the TV movie Wilma.

Who is Denzel Washingtons wife?

Полетта Вашингтонв браке с 1983 г.

What does Pauletta Washington do for a living?


What is Denzel Washington’s real name?

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr.

What is Denzel Washington net worth?

Summary: Denzel Washington is an American actor, director, and producer with a net worth of $250 million.

Where has Denzel Washington been?

He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Pauletta Washington, and their four children.

Was Denzel Washington a pip?

“I was a Pip,” he says while flashing that killer Denzel smile while referring to Gladys Knight’s dancing backup singers. He even shows them an old clip of the group on his phone and attempts some fancy moves to convince them.

Who is Denzel Washington parents?

Denzel H. Washington, Sr.FatherLennis WashingtonMother

Does Denzel Washington have social media?

Denzel Washington (@denzelwashington. official) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is Kerry Washington related to Denzel Washington?

We sometimes get asked whether Kerry Washington is related to Denzel Washington, and the answer is simply no. … Denzel and Kerry Washington share the same surname but are not related. Except for their profession and second name, they have nothing in common.

Is Denzel Washington sick?

Actor Denzel Washington is reportedly sick with a ‘mysterious illness’, according to MSN. Denzel was set to hostthe 100th Anniversary gala of the Boys & Girls Club Of America’s Mount Vernon, NY chapter when he was overcome with an illness just hours before the event.

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Does Denzel Washington have a degree?

Washington went to Fordham University, but he proved to be a poor student initially. After taking some time away from college, he returned to the university with a new interest in acting and graduated with a B.A. in Drama and Journalism in 1977.

Who won the most Oscars?

Katharine Hepburn

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