Discover pass washington where to buy

The Discover Pass can be purchased online from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, by phone at 1-866-320-9933, or in person anywhere hunting and fishing licenses are sold. So what’s the upshot of all this?

How much is a Discover Pass in Washington state?

The fees are as follows (add transaction/dealer fees, $5 for the annual Discover Pass and $1.50 for the one-day pass.): Annual pass: $30. One-day pass: $10.

Where can you go with a Discover Pass?

The Discover Pass is now required for day visits to state parks and also provides access to millions of acres of state recreation lands, including trailheads, wildlife and natural areas, heritage sites, and water-access points. One pass can be transferred between two vehicles.

Does Fred Meyer sell Discover Passes?

The Discover Pass is available to purchase online, through recreational license vendors such as Big 5, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fred Meyer or Wal-Mart, or by calling 1-866-320-9933.

What happens if you dont have a Discover Pass?

The penalty for not having a Discover Pass while parked on state recreation lands is $99. This amount will be reduced to $59 if an individual provides proof of purchase of the Discover Pass to the court within 15 days after the notice of violation is written.

How long does a Discover Pass last?

one year

Does Discover Pass work at Mt Rainier?

NOTE: The Discover Pass is for Washington State Parks only and does not cover Mount Rainier National Park. Grants unlimited entry for one year to pass owner and passengers in the same car.

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Does National Park Pass get you into state parks?

The pass doesn’t cover privately owned sites like Meteor Crater in Arizona and Navajo sites like Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon. It gets confusing when you get to state parks – some parks like Red Rock Canyon in Nevada are covered by the pass but most aren’t.22 мая 2020 г.

Is America the Beautiful Pass worth it?

There are definite cost-savings using the America the Beautiful Annual Pass if you plan to visit multiple national parks within a year of purchase. … But if your plans only include the smaller parks or visiting more National Forests which are often free, it might not be worth it.

Does Discover Pass work at Olympic National Park?

A day pass for hiking on national forest lands is $5 and state lands is $10. It costs $25/car to enter Mount Rainier or Olympic National Parks, and that pass is good for a week. … Both the Discover Pass and Northwest Forest Pass can be purchased and printed online.

Can I buy a Discover Pass at REI?

We buy one of these at REI every year. It is one of our favorite pieces of gear — nice color, fits perfectly (into the compartment of our car), and provides access to many beautiful places we couldn’t go otherwise.

Where can I buy a Northwest Forest Pass near me?

The pass is available at National Forest offices and visitor centers, via private vendors or online. You can also buy the day pass (called an ePass) online and print it at home. Note that WTA and some other vendors listed do not carry day passes. Northwest Forest Pass: $30.

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Do you need a Discover Pass for Deception Pass?

As Deception Pass State Park is a state park, you will need to have a Discover Pass. You can buy a pass online in advance or use on the automated stations available at the park. Day use Discover Passes are $10, and an annual pass is $35. Boat permits are required if you launch a boat from the park.

Is Ocean Shores open to the public?

All City-owned boat launches and public docks remain OPEN. All beach approaches shall be CLOSED to vehicles, except emergency, enforcement and maintenance vehicles. There shall be no parking at the closed beach approaches except in specified parking areas.

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