Where is cedar cove washington

  • You won’t find Cedar Cove on a map of Washington, but you can’t miss it if you follow the descriptions given in the books by Debbie Macomber, a best-selling author of women’s fiction. Cedar Cove is “the town you’ll love to call home” just across Sinclair Inlet from Bremerton. You might know it as Port Orchard.

Cedar Cove is a quaint, picturesque town on an island in the Puget Sound. Neighbors for the most part try to help each other, and people do not lock their doors in their trust in the community. The moral center and compass of the town is Olivia Lockhart, the bicycle-riding, scarf-wearing municipal court judge who grew up in the town.No. of episodes:
36 ()No. of seasons:
3Original network:
Original release:
July 20, 2013 –, September 26, 2015

Is there a Cedar Cove in Washington state?

Cedar Cove is “the town you’ll love to call home” just across Sinclair Inlet from Bremerton. … You might know it as Port Orchard. Macomber has lived in Port Orchard since 1986, and over the the last dozen years she has spun tales about its fictional twin.

Where is Cedar Cove filmed?


Is there a 4th season of Cedar Cove?

Cedar Cove: TV Show Cancelled by Hallmark; No Season Four. Fans won’t be seeing what happens to Olivia Lockhart in a fourth season of Cedar Cove. Hallmark Channel has cancelled their first scripted TV show after three seasons and 36 episodes.

Is Cedar Cove still on Netflix?

Seasons 1 through to 3 of Cedar Cove are scheduled to be removed from Netflix in June 2018 from the United States streaming library. The removal date is June 17th, 2018. Sadly, in 2015 the series wasn’t renewed for a season 4 meaning only 36 episodes were produced. …27 мая 2018 г.

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Is Cedar Cove a real place?

Cedar Cove is loosely based on my own hometown of Port Orchard, Washington, situated on the Kitsap Peninsula. The majority of landmarks in Cedar Cove are fictional, including the homes that appear in the books (and on the covers). However, there are places you can visit, which inspired similar places in Cedar Cove.

Where does Debbie Macomber live?

Port Orchard

What happens to Eric on Cedar Cove?

All of Eric’s wrongdoings built up to a peak when the season ended in his possible death. By Eric’s finale at the beginning of Season 3, one that featured his survival and moving away from Cedar Cove with Shelly and their newborn, Stevens had portrayed the character with a complete arc.

What is the last episode of Cedar Cove?

Getting to Know You: Part Two

Where is Olivia’s house in Cedar Cove?

Olivia’s House: Pilot Episode

This waterfront home, as scene in the pilot episode, is located in the city of Victoria, on beautiful Vancouver Island.10 мая 2018 г.

Who does Olivia end up with in Cedar Cove?

She is Olivia’s best friend. She married to Dan Sherman with two daughters Maryellen and Kelly.

How many seasons is Cedar Cove?


Who does Olivia Lockhart end up with?

Olivia later marries the couple in the park with Jack holding Ted and Todd. Olivia reminisces about Jordan with a bit of melancholy. Justine the woman who never wanted to be married finds herself married at the end of novel one to Seth Gunderson and pregnant with his baby soon after.

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How many Cedar Cove episodes are there?


Is Cedar Cove on Netflix Australia?

Sorry, Cedar Cove: Season 1: Pilot is not available on Australian Netflix. We check Netflix hundreds of times a day, so you can check back regularly to see when it appears for streaming.

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