Where is cheney washington

What is the population of Cheney Washington?

  • Cheney ( /tʃiːni/ US dict: chē′·nē) is a city in Spokane County, Washington, United States. The full time resident population was 10,590 as of 2010 census.

How far is Cheney Washington from Seattle?

221.92 miles

How far is Cheney Washington from Spokane Washington?

13.75 miles

Is Cheney wa a good place to live?

Cheney is a small college town. It has plenty of diversity, affordable living, and overall a safe place to live. it is an amazing not too small of a town and all people are really nice when you are new to the area. Great nature (trees, lakes, parks) options.

How big is Cheney?

12 403 (2018 г.)

How did the town of Cheney get its name?

That was the survey name given to a green, spring-filled oasis in Eastern Washington that was designated to become a future depot stop along the Northern Pacific Railroad. The town was finally re-named Cheney after Benjamin P. Cheney (1815-1895), an influential director of the Northern Pacific line.

What is the population of Cheney WA?

12,403 (2018)

What city is Eastern Washington University in?


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