Where is colbert washington

What county is Colbert WA in?

  • Colbert (/ˈkoʊlbərt/) is an unincorporated community in Spokane County, Washington, United States.

Colbert ( / ˈkoʊlbərt /) is an unincorporated community in Spokane County, Washington, United States. The town is on U.S. Route 2, north of the city of Spokane. Colbert was originally called Drygoon; the present name is for Harry Colbert, an early postmaster.Country:
United StatesCounty:
1,840 ft (560 m)State:

How far is Colbert from Spokane?

12 miles

What county is Colbert Washington in?


Where is kolbert?

Colbert, GeorgiaColbert Depot (now City Hall)Location in Madison County and the state of GeorgiaCoordinates: 34°2′15″N 83°12′50″WCoordinates: 34°2′15″N 83°12′50″WCountryUnited States

What is Spokane known for?

Spokane is the economic and cultural center of the Spokane metropolitan area, the Spokane–Coeur d’Alene combined statistical area, and the Inland Northwest. It is known as the birthplace of Father’s Day, and its official nickname is the “Lilac City”.

How far is Spokane from Seattle?

230 miles

How far is Colbert GA from Athens GA?

10.21 miles

Who is the largest employer in Spokane WA?

The top five employers in Spokane are the State of Washington, Spokane Public Schools, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, the 92nd Air Refueling Wing, and Spokane County.

Is Spokane a dangerous city?

SPOKANE, Wash. — Two cities in Washington made it on a list of the 30 most dangerous cities in America; one even taking the number 1 slot. … Data collected from Safewise cites that Spokane has 5.48 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, and 75.54 property crimes per thousand residents.25 мая 2016 г.

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