Where is omak washington

How far is Omak Washington from the Canadian border?

The Canada–United States border—with an official crossing into Osoyoos, British Columbia from Oroville—lies approximately 45 miles (72 km) to the north. The Idaho border lies about 160 miles (260 km) southeast. The state’s largest city, Seattle, lies 237 miles (381 km) southwest of Omak.

How big is Omak WA?

10,2 км²

How far is Omak from Wenatchee?

77.24 miles

What is the population of Omak Washington?

4 806 (2018 г.)

How far is Osoyoos from US border?

about 10 minutes drive

What is in Oroville Washington?

Old Molson Museum Ghost Town. Lake Osoyoos State Park. Old Oroville Depot Museum. … Lake Oroville Golf Club.

What does Omak mean?

The name Omak is derives its name from the Salish language word Omache, meaning “good medicine” or “plenty”. It has been used since its establishment.

What is the zip code for Omak WA?


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