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  • Soap Lake is located in Eastern Washington on the lower Grand Coulee. The high mineral content of the lake gives it a soapy feeling. In the early nineteen hundreds there were several sanitariums located in Soap Lake and the town would grow to ten thousand inhabitants in the summertime before the advent of antibiotics.

Soap Lake is located in the center of the state of Washington, 20 miles north of Interstate 90 between Seattle and Spokane, sitting in a desert environment with nine inches or less of rainfall per year and 320 days of sun. The current population is approximately 1,740 people.County:
1,106 ft (337 m)State:
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How far is Soap Lake from Seattle?

133.46 miles

How far is Soap Lake from Spokane?

99 miles

What county is Soap Lake Washington in?


Why is it called Soap Lake?

Soap Lake is a meromictic soda lake in the town of Soap Lake, Washington formed by the Missoula Floods at the foot of the Grand Coulee. The lake gets its name from the naturally occurring foam that gives its water a soapy appearance, and because the lake’s mineral-rich waters have a slick, soapy feel.

Is Soap Lake safe to swim in?

SOAP LAKE SWIMMING. … Be cautious of the sun after bathing in lake-combination of minerals and ultra-violet rays cause rapid tanning and may cause you to burn more quickly.

Are there fish in Soap Lake?

Soaking in Soap Lake water opens capillaries and increases circulation. Over-usage of Soap Lake water can cause the skin to dry out or become sensitive. … There are no fish in the lake, due to the high PH and mineral content.

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How far is Soap Lake from Moses Lake?

20.51 miles

How far is Soap Lake from Wenatchee?

38.37 miles

How big is Soaplake?

4.16 km²

How long does it take to get to Moses Lake Washington?

It takes approximately 3h 24m to get from Seattle to Moses Lake, including transfers.

What is in Moses Lake Washington?

Moses Lake is a city in Grant County, Washington, on the shore of the Moses Lake, with over 120 miles of shoreline, and the Potholes Reservoir. The city is bordering the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge that is home to a large number of migratory birds and other animals natural to the area.

How was the Grand Coulee formed?

The Grand Coulee is part of the Columbia River Plateau. This area has underlying granite bedrock, formed deep in the Earth’s crust 40 to 60 million years ago. The land periodically uplifted and subsided over millions of years giving rise to some small mountains and, eventually, an inland sea.

What does Meromictic mean?

A meromictic lake is a lake which has layers of water that do not intermix. In ordinary, holomictic lakes, at least once each year, there is a physical mixing of the surface and the deep waters. The term meromictic was coined by the Austrian Ingo Findenegg in 1935, apparently based on the older word holomictic.

Is Moses Lake safe to swim in?

Officials say its likely that all parts of Moses Lake are contaminated and not safe for swimming. … GCHD has posted warning signs around Moses Lake that will be up until the Lake is clear of the toxic algae. Pets and livestock are also at risk of illness or even death if the water is consumed.

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