Where is the cheapest place to live in washington state

What are the worst places to live in Washington State?

  • Shelton. Source: Wikipedia User Ian Poellet|CC BY-SA 3.0 When you’re looking at science and data,the city of Shelton is the worst place you can live in
  • Ocean Shores. Ocean Shores doesn’t have the worst crime in the state,but it’s sure up there.
  • Tukwila.
  • Aberdeen.
  • Union Gap.
  • Centralia.
  • Hoquiam.
  • Moses Lake.
  • Chehalis.
  • Fife.

What is the most affordable city in Washington state?

Here’s a list of the most affordable cities in Washington state:

  • Olympia, Wash.
  • Richland, Wash.
  • Bothell, Wash.
  • Auburn, Wash.
  • Redmond, Wash.

Where is the cheapest place to live in the Pacific Northwest?

Coos Bay, Oregon

Coos Bay, Oregon is one of the most affordable cities you’ll find on the Pacific Ocean. The median home value in Coos Bay is $191,100, placing Coos Bay home prices nearly $155,000 below the Oregon median. SmartAsset has ranked Coos Bay the most affordable U.S. Pacific coastal community.23 мая 2019 г.

Is Washington the cheapest state to live?

Cost of Living in Washington

An amount below 100 means Washington is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Washington, Washington is more expensive.

Where are the best places to live in Washington state?

Here then, are the 15 best places to live in Washington State based on crime rate, school system excellence, home affordability, and growth and prosperity.

  • Redmond. Source: Pikachu Ink / shutterstock. …
  • Sammamish. Source: Dan Lewis / shutterstock. …
  • Pullman. …
  • Issaquah. …
  • Richland. …
  • Bainbridge Island. …
  • Snoqualmie. …
  • Kirkland.
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What is the safest city in Washington state?


Where does Washington State rank in cost of living?

Cost Of Living Index by State 2020StateCost IndexCost RankWashington110.738Vermont114.539Maine117.540Rhode Island119.441

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Washington state?

Well, the answer is an annual income of $72,092. A study fromGOBankingrates.com discovered that residents of Seattle earn a median household income of $67,365, which is $4,727 less less than the income needed to cover necessities, savings and additional expenses.

Which is better for retirement Oregon or Washington?

– Both Oregon and Washington have many wonderful places to retire. In each you can choose from a youthful big city (Portland or Seattle), college towns, or small towns. … – Oregon is slightly cheaper in terms of real estate, but the median home price is higher than the national median in both.

Is Washington cheaper than California?

Yes, Washington STATE is less expensive than CA — though it’s 10% higher than the national average. … CA is 39% more expensive than the national average — an average that INCLUDES California. Compared with just the other 49 states, CA is 47% more expensive.

What is a good salary in Washington state?

Washington AverageSalary Range (Percentile)25thAverageAnnual Salary$53,406$71,926Monthly Salary$4,450$5,994Weekly Salary$1,027$1,383

Why are houses so expensive in Washington?

The gap also exists more generally between the population growth in our region and the growth in the amount of housing for those people to live in. … With so little supply of housing and apartments, and so many people competing for them, prices can rise astronomically and landlords will still get paid.29 мая 2018 г.

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What credit score do you need to buy a house in Washington state?


What is the average mortgage payment in Washington state?

$1,131.93 per month

Is it cheaper to live in Washington or Oregon?

Oregon is definitely cheaper. No sales tax definitely makes it cheaper. … The coasts are better in Oregon than in Washington. But in Washington State you don’t pay income tax.

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