How Did Dinah Washington Die? (TOP 5 Tips)

Her eighth and final confirmed marriage was to Detroit Lions star Dick “Night Train” Lane, whom she met in July 1963. Washington died of an accidental overdose on December 14, 1963. An autopsy revealed that a combination of secobarbital and amobarbital contributed to her death at the age of 39.

Did Dinah Washington have a child?

Personal Life: Dinah Washington was married eight times in her short life, and seven times divorced. She had two sons, Robert Grayson and George Kenneth Jenkins.

How many times did Dinah Washington marry?

Married seven times, Washington battled weight problems and raced through her profits buying shoes, furs and cars in an effort to lift her spirits.

Did Aretha Franklin know Dinah Washington?

Dinah Washington knew Aretha Franklin as a girl Franklin first met Washington at a young age, when she would sing for family and friends at home and at church. Washington had a feeling that Franklin was destined for success.

Who played Dinah Washington piano?

In 1959, she had her first top ten pop hit, with a version of “What a Diff’rence a Day Made”, which made Number 4 on the US pop chart. Her band at that time included arranger and conductor Belford Hendricks, with Kenny Burrell (guitar), Joe Zawinul (piano), and Panama Francis (drums).

Is Dinah Washington dead?

When Aretha was 10, her mother died suddenly from a heart attack. In From These Roots, Aretha reflected, “I cannot describe the pain, nor will I try.” The Queen of Soul added that she remembered how she “sat in tears…for a long time” after returning from her mother’s burial.

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Who was Aretha Franklin husband?

It says Clarence’s father is Edward Jordan Sr. — who’s also the acknowledged father of another of the singer’s sons, Edward, who was born when she was 14.

What is Dinah Washington’s most famous song?

Her first hit song was “Evil Gal Blues,” and it was followed by such others as “Am I Asking Too Much” and “Baby Get Lost.” She later crossed over to the popular (pop) music market, in which she had her greatest commercial success, notably with “What a Diff’rence a Day Makes. ” Washington continued performing at jazz

Did Dinah Washington get married?

Dinah met her second husband, musician George Jenkins, in 1944. They were married shortly before the birth of their son George Jenkins Jr. In August 1947, she married her third husband, Robert Grayson, whose father was the minister who officiated her first marriage to John Young.

Did Dinah Washington flip a table?

Dinah Washington didn’t actually flip a table after Franklin sang one of Washington’s signature songs at a nightclub. Blige makes a memorable appearance in Respect as vocalist Dinah Washington, whose string of 1950s jazz hits made her one of the most popular black recording artists of the era.

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