How did grover washington die

What happened to Grover Washington Jr?

The Grammy-winning jazz saxophone player Grover Washington Jr. died Friday night at age 56, after suffering an apparent heart attack. It happened shortly after Washington taped a performance for the CBS Saturday Early Show.

Where is Grover Washington Jr buried?

Кладбище Запад Лорел Хилл, Бала Синвайд, Пенсильвания, США

Where was Grover Washington Jr born?

Буффало, Нью-Йорк, США

What instruments did Grover Washington?

Washington started his career as a tenor saxophonist, made his first solo album, 1971’s “Inner City Blues,” on alto and soon added soprano saxophone to his arsenal. He described his instruments in terms of the human voice.

Is Grover Washington dead?

Deceased (1943–1999)

When did Grover Washington Jr pass away?

December 17, 1999

Is Kamasi Washington related to Grover Washington?

In fact, he went on, he liked some smooth jazz, notably the saxophone player Grover Washington Jr. (no relation).

Who wrote just the 2 of us?

Bill WithersGrover Washington Jr.Ralph MacDonaldWilliam Salter

Where is Grover Washington from?

Buffalo, New York, United States

When was Grover Washington Jr born?

December 12, 1943

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