How difficult is it to live on anderson island washington?

Where is Anderson Island in Washington State?

  • Anderson Island is the southernmost island in Puget Sound and is located in Pierce County in Washington State. Access to Anderson Island is by a ferry operated by Piece County or by private boat. The ferry ride is approximately twenty minutes and is one of the most enjoyable ways we know to spend 20 minutes.

Are there bears on Anderson Island?

The natural areas are rich, yet fragile. They contain aquatic life, birds, an abundance of deer, coyotes, raccoon, otter and even an occasional black bear.

How long is the ferry ride to Anderson Island?

It is a fun 30-minute journey to Anderson Island and only a 10-minute journey to Ketron Island. The best time to go may be early in the morning, to avoid the crowds.

How do I get to Anderson Island from Tacoma?

There is no direct connection from Tacoma to Anderson Island. However, you can take the taxi to Steilacoom then take the car ferry to Anderson Island.

How much is the ferry to Anderson Island?

1, the adult walk-on fare will increase from $5.15 to $5.30. The cost for a vehicle 21 feet or less will go from $17.30 to $17.80 in the nonpeak season and $21.65 to $22.30 in the peak season.

Can you drive to Anderson Island?

Accessible only by ferry or private boat, Anderson Island is served by the Steilacoom / Anderson Island / Ketron Island run, the only ferry run belonging to Pierce County.

How many cars does the Anderson Island ferry hold?

Steilacoom–Anderson Island ferryAnderson Island ferry terminalWaterwayPuget SoundBegan operation1922Yearly ridership94,717 (2010)Yearly vehicles99,139 (2010)

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Can you visit McNeil Island?

You can’t visit the remains of the prison on McNeil Island, but you can take a walk through its 136-year history. An exhibit chronicling the history of the prison opens Saturday (Jan. 26) and runs through May 26 at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.

Does anyone live on McNeil Island?

McNeil Island, nestled in Puget Sound, is unpopulated except for the 214 people who live at the special commitment center, a facility for former prison inmates. All men have served their sentence and yet, due to a controversial legal mandate, they remain confined indefinitely.

What is the population of Anderson Island?

1,037 (2010)

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