How Far Back Can I Go On Unpaid Wages Claim In Washington State? (Best solution)

The statue of limitations for such a claim is three years. If your employer owes you wages not in connection with overtime or the minimum wage, you can bring an action for breach of contract. If the contract was oral, the statute of limitations is three years; if it is written, the statute of limitations is six years.

How to file a claim for unpaid wages in Washington State?

  • Washington law requires employees to file their wage claims within three years from when their wages were originally due. Complainants should submit their forms after completing Sections C and D. In Section C of the complaint form, a complainant should list the amount of unpaid wages he alleges is due.

Is there a time limit on claiming unpaid wages?

Up to 13 weeks of unpaid wages; Unpaid annual leave; Unpaid long service leave; Unpaid amounts in lieu of notice up to a maximum of 5 weeks’ pay; and.

How do I file for unpaid wages in Washington state?

If you feel your employer has not paid you all wages owed, you may make a wage complaint with L&I. You may do this in writing, either in a letter or on L&I’s complaint form (available at any L&I office or online). You may get help filling out this form at any L&I office.

How far back can I claim unpaid overtime?

You should and legally must act timely if you are considering filing a case against your employer for unpaid overtime. Federal law provides that you can file a case to collect your unpaid wages two years after the violation or three years after the violation if it was willful.

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What happens when my employer doesn’t pay me?

An employer will face a $100 penalty for each failure to pay each employee on time. The penalty applies to “any initial violation,” according to California’s law. For any subsequent violation, the employer is subject to a $200 penalty, plus 25 percent of the amount unlawfully withheld.

What to do if an employer owes you wages?

What if my entitlements are not paid?

  1. Contact the Fair Work Ombudsman. If your employer still hasn’t paid you after you have sent a letter of demand, you can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO).
  2. Start a court case. If your employer has refused to pay you, you can start a court case.
  3. Make a claim under the GEERS or FEG.

How do I complain about unpaid wages?

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us at 1-866-487-9243 or visit

How long does an employer have to pay you in Washington state?

Unless a different payment interval applies by law, the employer must pay wages no later than the 25th day of the current month for the first pay period, and no later than the 10th day of the following month for the second pay period.

Can I sue my employer for stress?

So, yes you can sue your employer for workplace stress under certain circumstances. Generally, if the stress is due to ordinary workplace incidents such as a demanding supervisor, long hours, or difficult co-workers, you can bring a work-induced stress claim to the worker’s compensation system.

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