How far from richmond to washington dc

How far is Richmond from DC in miles?

Distance between Richmond and Washington, D.C. is 154 kilometers (95 miles). Driving distance from Richmond to Washington, D.C. is 170 kilometers (106 miles).

How long is the train ride from Richmond to DC?

How long is the train journey from Richmond to Washington DC? The distance between Richmond and Washington DC is approximately 97 miles, or 156 kilometers. The average train journey between these two cities takes 2 hours and 31 minutes, although the absolute fastest you could get there is 2 hours and 16 minutes.

How do I get from Richmond to Washington DC?

Greyhound USA operates a bus from Richmond, Va to Washington, Dc hourly. Tickets cost $17 – $25 and the journey takes 2h 20m. Two other operators also service this route. Alternatively, Amtrak Northeast Regional operates a train from Richmond Main Street Amtrak Station to Washington Union Station twice daily.

How long does it take to get from Washington DC to Richmond Virginia?

How long is the drive from Washington, DC to Richmond, VA? The total driving time is 1 hour, 49 minutes.

How far is Raleigh from Richmond?

Distance between Richmond and Raleigh is 224 kilometers (139 miles). Driving distance from Richmond to Raleigh is 275 kilometers (171 miles).

How far is it from Richmond Virginia to New York City?

Answer: The distance from Richmond, Virginia to New York City is 287 miles (461 kilometers).

Is there a train from DC to Richmond VA?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Washington Union Station station and arriving at Richmond Main Street Amtrak Station station. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day. … The bus from Washington, Dc to Richmond, Va takes 2h 5m including transfers and departs hourly.

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How much is a train ticket to DC?

Which train should you take from Newark to Washington DC?TrainDaily TripsAvg. PriceAmtrak Acela4$140.57Amtrak Cardinal1$54.00Amtrak Carolinian1$50.21Amtrak Crescent1$57.04

How long is the train ride to DC?

There are 24 scheduled trains per day from Egg Harbor City to Washington. The route can be as long as 135 miles, or 218 kilometers. On average, the journey takes 4 hours and 21 minutes. One train company, Amtrak, connects Egg Harbor City to Washington.

Does Megabus go to Richmond VA?

The Megabus stop for all arrivals and departures is located at the Richmond Travel plaza on E Main St. across the street from the Main Street Station.

Does the VRE go to Richmond?

20 Amtrak, around 30 CSX, and even more VRE trains pass through Virginia each day, traveling along the railroad tracks between DC and Richmond. As it stands, Richmond is between 2.5 and three hours away from DC with current rail service.

Is Washington DC a state?

WASHINGTON, D.C. Washington DC is not one of the 50 states. But it’s an important part of the U.S. The District of Columbia is our nation’s capital. Congress established the federal district from land belonging to the states of Maryland and Virginia in 1790.

How do I get from Dulles to Richmond VA?

The best way to get from Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) to Richmond is to fly which takes 1h 43m and costs $55 – $290. Alternatively, you can bus via Washington, which costs $14 – $18 and takes 3h 31m, you could also train, which costs $50 – $110 and takes 4h 25m.

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