How far is bethesda from washington dc

Distance from Bethesda, MD to Washington, DC The total driving distance from Bethesda, MD to Washington, DC is 18 miles or 29 kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Bethesda, MD to Washington, DC is 6 miles. This is equivalent to 10 kilometers or 5 nautical miles.

How far is Bethesda to DC?

7 miles

Does the DC metro go to Bethesda MD?

Bethesda is a rapid transit station on the Red Line of the Washington Metro system in Bethesda, Maryland. It is one of the busiest suburban Metro stations, serving on average 9,142 passengers each weekday in 2017.

What is Bethesda Md known for?

Known for its medical prowess as home to the National Institutes of Health and the National Naval Medical Center, along with its proximity to Washington, D.C., Bethesda is also a family-friendly urban center whose top-tier education, arts and cuisine make residents happy to call it home.

What is the cost of living in Bethesda Maryland?

5101 River Rd Apt 1705COST OF LIVINGBethesdaMarylandHousing366.1127.2Median Home Cost$846,400$294,100Utilities109.4105.6Transportation128.8119.3

Is Bethesda expensive to live in?

Bethesda is one of the most expensive cities in America — but it has a high median household income to match! The cost of living in Bethesda is about 45% higher than the U.S. average. You can get a good idea of the Bethesda cost of living by looking at housing costs. The median home value in Bethesda, MD is $877,000.

Is Bethesda a good place to live?

Bethesda is the 20th best place to live in the country, according to Money magazine’s annual ranking released Tuesday. … Described as a “thriving urban center,” Bethesda was cited as one of the country’s wealthiest and most highly educated communities, and that residents have a “manageable” commute into Washington, D.C.

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How do you get around Washington DC?

Getting Around Washington DC

  1. Climb Aboard the Old Town Trolley. For a relaxing, scenic and fact filled journey through DC, hop on the Old Town Trolley Tour. …
  2. Catch the Metrorail. …
  3. Ride the Metrobus. …
  4. Try the DC Circulator. …
  5. Hop on the Georgetown Metro Connection. …
  6. Rent a Bike or Take Segway Tour. …
  7. Call a Cab or Use Ride Sharing Apps.

Where should I live in Washington DC?

The Best Neighborhoods in Washington D.C.

  • Logan Circle. The legendary leader of the jazz orchestra, Duke Ellington, grew up in the Logan Circle area of D.C., and it’s not hard to imagine how the place might have influenced his music. …
  • DuPont Circle. …
  • Foggy Bottom. …
  • Adams Morgan. …
  • U Street. …
  • Georgetown. …
  • Capitol Hill. …
  • Woodley Park/Cleveland Park.

How Safe Is Bethesda Maryland?

Compared to communities within Maryland, Bethesda’s crime rate is lower than nearly 70% of the state’s cities and towns. … This means Bethesda is one of the safest places in America in which to live for its size, a very important finding.

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in Maryland?

We have rankings of Maryland places, county-by-county, based on affordability (see below). The group, for instance, estimates a family of two adults and two children in Anne Arundel County would need to earn a combined $99,570 per year — or $8,297 a month — to live comfortably.

What is the population of Bethesda Maryland?

63,374 (2013)

Why is Bethesda MD so expensive?

Residential and commercial real estate is expensive in Bethesda making it hard to attract the younger population and the types of establishments they want to frequent (bars). … Prices are high so most of the people who can afford to live in Bethesda are families.

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What is the average cost of living in Washington DC?

Comparison HighlightsCost of Living IndexesWashington, DCCharlottesville, VAMedian Home Cost$556,700$289,500Utilities106100.4Transportation135.372Health88.6108.9

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