How far is busch gardens from washington dc

Busch Gardens is only about 155 miles away from Washington, DC and 194 miles away from Baltimore, MD. The car ride will take you approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes from DC and 3 hours and 30 minutes from Baltimore. Use this for GPS

How far is Busch Gardens from Virginia Beach?

46 miles

How much does it cost to get into Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

Buy one Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park ticket for $49 and get one at no extra cost. Today Williamsburg looks much as it did during colonial times.

How do I contact Busch Gardens?

Call Us Have a question not covered in the FAQ? Give us a ring at 757-229-4386.

How much time do you need at Busch Gardens?

4 to 6 hours

Which is better Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens?

Kings Dominion is much better for thrill rides. A little more dirty and less polished, but for roller coasters and the like, Busch Gardens can’t touch it. Busch still a great time for the whole family. Tough call as the two older kids would probably enjoy KD better and the two younger BG.

Is Busch Gardens Williamsburg better than Tampa?

Both of these parks do a great job pulling off immense theming. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is themed to a continent that many people visit every year. … Once again, both parks have amazing theming, but Williamsburg’s theming has more aspects to it. The winner here is Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which ties it up.

Can I bring a backpack into Busch Gardens?

All bags, backpacks and packages are subject to inspection prior to entering the park. The following items are not permitted to be brought into Busch Gardens: weapons, glass bottles, cans, any other type of sharp object, large hard or soft coolers and any hazardous items or materials.

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What’s the best day to go to Busch Gardens?

Mondays and Tuesday is the best days to visit Busch Gardens!

What does Busch Gardens ticket include?

General admission includes access to all animal exhibits, shows, attractions, and rides. Admission to the nearby Adventure Island water park requires a separate ticket. Discount combo passes for both parks are available. There is a discount for children.

Can I bring snacks into Busch Gardens?

Hard and soft coolers, glass containers, food such as sandwiches, meals, etc., and flavored drinks may not be taken into the park. Water bottles may be taken into the park. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in Busch Gardens.

Can I use my friends Busch Gardens pass?

Member must accompany guest to the park the day of visit.

Members will have access to one or two free ticket(s) for each date range based on their plan, which can be used at either Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Water Country USA where you have an active Membership.

Can you buy Busch Gardens tickets at Publix?

Publix grocery stores in Florida sell Buch Gardens Tampa Bay tickets. Available passes vary by location and inventory. Discounted two-day, two-park tickets can be purchased at Publix for $99.99.

Is one day enough for Busch Gardens?

One day is enough to have a lot of fun but you should try at least 2 days, if possible.

What is the least busy day at Busch Gardens?


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