How far is leavenworth washington from seattle

Does Amtrak go to Leavenworth WA?

Amtrak. Amtrak Passenger Rail Service. Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago with station stop in Leavenworth, WA. Reservations available at or (800) 872-7245.

How long does it take to drive from Seattle to Leavenworth Washington?

2 hours, 14 minutes

What pass do you go over to get to Leavenworth?

97 over Blewett Pass. Follow the signs, and Woody will be waiting for you in about the same amount of time it takes you to travel on Hwy 2. Amtrak serves Leavenworth from Seattle and Spokane daily on the jaw-dropping Empire Builder line, taking you across dizzying vistas and beside majestic peaks.

How far is Leavenworth from Seattle airport?

78 miles

Is there a train from Seattle to Leavenworth?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Seattle King Street Station station and arriving at Leavenworth Amtrak. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 3h 20m. … The distance between Seattle and Leavenworth is 78 miles.

Is Leavenworth WA worth visiting?

Leavenworth, WA is the cutest little town that is worth a visit year-round. Winter for the Christmas Lighting festival and winter sports like a day at the Leavenworth Ski Hill. Spring to see all the trails bloom with flowers. … No matter what time of year you visit, you’re sure to find fun things to do in Leavenworth.

Do you need a car in Leavenworth?

Whether you choose to rent a car or drive your own, many of the places where activities are located require a vehicle for access. … If you are planning on staying at a hotel near downtown Leavenworth and only taking advantage of the downtown activities, a car is not nearly as necessary.

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How much snow does Leavenworth Washington get?

The snowfall average in Leavenworth s 89 inches per year. The average US city gets about 26 inches of snow per year.

What is Leavenworth WA famous for?

Known for its famous Christmas-lighting ceremonies, Leavenworth is undeniably magical in the wintertime and is a perfect home-base for a multitude of snowy activities.

Is there a train that goes to Leavenworth?

Explore the Pacific Northwest and Beyond on a Snow Train

Each Saturday in December, Alki Tours, operates the only day-trip train that goes from Seattle to the winter wonderland of Leavenworth to see the annual Tree Lighting Festival. … At approximately 12:30 pm, the train will roll to a stop in Leavenworth.

Is it safe to drive to Leavenworth in December?

The ride is quite lovely in the winter. You are legally required to have chains in the vehicle, regardless of pass conditions. The road will be snow covered for sure, at least just before the pass and for 5-10 miles after. Driving slowly is a good idea.

How far is it from Portland Oregon to Leavenworth Washington?

173 miles

Is Leavenworth WA Safe?

Leavenworth is one of the safest places to live. There is very little crime, and everyone can be out and about without having to worry about being in danger from others.

How far is Leavenworth from Vancouver Washington?

166 miles

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