How far is miami from washington dc

How far is Miami from Washington DC by plane?

919 Miles

How long does it take to get from Miami to Washington DC by car?

14 hours

How far is Florida from Washington DC by plane?

816 miles

How long is a train ride from DC to Miami?

The distance between Washington DC and Miami is approximately 927 miles, or 1491 kilometers. The average train journey between these two cities takes 24 hours and 48 minutes, although the absolute fastest you could get there is 23 hours and 14 minutes.

How long is a flight from Washington to Miami?

The flight time from Washington to Miami is 2 hours, 38 minutes. The time spent in the air is 2 hours, 9 minutes. The flight distance from Washington to Miami is 919 Miles.

How far is Miami from New York by plane?

1096 Miles

How long is it from Florida to Washington DC?

1 hour, 52 minutesFrom:To:round-trip one-wayDepart:Return:Get:vacation flight hotel car rental

How long does it take to drive from Washington state to Florida?

45 hours, 25 minutes

How long is train ride from DC to Florida?

How long will it take you from Washington, DC to Orlando, FL by train and when do the trains leave? The average duration of the journey is 17 hours and 58 minutes, but the fastest connections take you to Orlando, FL in 17 hours and 24 minutes.

How much is a plane ticket from Washington to Florida?

Good to knowLow seasonSeptemberBest time to beat the crowds with an average 3% drop in price.High seasonDecemberMost popular time to fly with an average 6% increase in price.Average price of a round-trip$211(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)Good deal for a round-trip$100or less

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Is there a train from Florida to Washington DC?

The Auto Train transports you and your car (or your van, motorcycle, SUV, small boat, jet-ski, or other recreational vehicles) nonstop from the Washington, DC area to sunny Florida, just outside of Orlando.

How much is a train ticket to Miami?

$15.00 is the cheapest price for a train ticket to Miami, according to recent searches on Wanderu. You can use our search to check if this price is currently available on buses from your city to Miami. In the last month, trains from Okeechobee to Miami had the lowest average price at $15.00.

Does the Megabus go to Miami?

Our bus to Miami takes you to either Miami Central Station or at the Miami Parking Authority in Downtown. A few of our most popular routes in Miami include: Orlando to Miami Bus.

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