How far is orlando from washington dc

The distance between Orlando and Washington, DC is 763 miles. The road distance is 855.9 miles. How do I travel from Orlando to Washington, DC without a car? The best way to get from Orlando to Washington, DC without a car is to train which takes 17h 32m and costs $90 – $130.

How far is Washington DC from Orlando by plane?

759 Miles

How long is a train ride from DC to Orlando?

17 hours and 58 minutes

How far is Washington DC from Florida by car?

The total driving distance from Washington, DC to Florida is 919 miles or 1 479 kilometers. Your trip begins in Washington, District of Columbia. It ends in the state of Florida.

How long is the flight from DC to Florida?

1 hour, 59 minutes

How far is DC to Florida?

816 miles

How long drive from DC to Orlando?

12 hours, 8 minutes

Does Amtrak go to Orlando?

Two Amtrak routes stop at Orlando Amtrak Station, the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star. Both are long-distance routes that travel between New York City and Miami, so you can board a train to Orlando in many cities along the east coast as well as in Tampa.

Are meals included on Amtrak Auto Train?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Customers in Sleeping Cars enjoy complimentary meals throughout their journey. … Aboard the Auto Train, Coach customers can enjoy meals, snacks and beverages in a dedicated car. Dining Cars feature seasonal menus with a variety of entree selections.

How much does auto train cost from DC to Florida?

Take the Auto Train for $89

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Experience the Auto Train between DC and Florida with Coach fares as low as $89 + the cost of your vehicle.

How long is the drive from Florida to Washington state?

45 hours, 25 minutes

How far is Washington DC from Miami by plane?

approximately 1480 kilometers

How long does it take to get from Miami to Washington DC by car?

14 hours

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