How far is tysons corner from washington dc

Does DC metro go to Tysons Corner?

Metrorail in Tysons Corner. Tysons Corner is home to four Metrorail stations: McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, and Spring Hill. It will provide a transfer-free ride to downtown DC and on to Maryland. Most of Tysons Corner is within a half-mile of a Silver Line station, or about a 15-minute walk.

How far is Tysons Corner VA from Washington DC?

11 miles

How far is Tysons Corner from the White House?

11 miles

What Metro stop is Tysons Corner?

Silver Line

Is Tysons Corner station open?

Tysons Corner (also known as Tysons Central 123 and Tysons I & II during planning phases) is a rapid transit station on the Silver Line of the Washington Metro in Tysons, Virginia.

Tysons Corner station.Tysons CornerOpenedJuly 26, 2014TrafficPassengers (2019)3,643 daily 4.68%Services

Why is Tysons Corner called Tysons Corner?

But taking the “corner” out of Tysons may be a difficult task. … It later became Tysons Crossroads, named after William Tyson, the Cecil County, Md., resident who bought the land in the 1850s. Then in the 1960s, county supervisors approved a massive redevelopment project under the name Tysons Corner.

Is there a train from Fairfax VA to Washington DC?

No, there is no direct train from Fairfax station to UNION STATION station station. However, there are services departing from VIENNA station and arriving at UNION STATION station via METRO CENTER station. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 42 min.

How far is McLean VA from Washington DC?

7.77 miles

How do I get from Arlington to Washington DC?

From Arlington, there are four Metrorail lines that can help you access Washington, DC. The Yellow Lines from Pentagon City will place you closer to the National Mall and Smithsonian museums. The Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines will take you downtown DC and more towards the local part of town.

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How far is Arlington Virginia from the White House?

4 miles

Does Tysons Corner Metro have parking?

Monthly passes are $90. Here’s the Web site for the parking lot. County officials say two additional lots — one by the Spring Hill Metro station and one near the Tysons Corner station — also may come on line later this year. … There are 2,300 spaces in the county garage, including 252 reserved spaces.

How do I get to Tysons Galleria by Metro?

The Tyson Corner Metro Station is one block away and accessible via the Silver Line. From the Silver Line metro exit, take a left onto Tysons Boulevard and continue walking until you see Galleria Drive, then make a left onto Galleria Drive.

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