How far is waldorf md from washington dc

How far is Washington DC from Waldorf MD?

The total driving distance from Waldorf, MD to Washington, DC is 27 miles or 43 kilometers.

Is Waldorf MD a good place to live?

Because Waldorf is a “bedroom community”, the vast majority of residents commute outside the county to work. Otherwise, Waldorf is a pretty quiet (for its size) and safe city to call home. Waldorf Maryland is safe place and very affordable place to live. There are lots of job opportunities for people in this area.

How far is La Plata MD from Washington DC?

26.32 miles

Which city in Maryland is closest to Washington DC?

These Are The 10 Best Places Near Washington, D.C. For Young Professionals

  • Arlington, VA. Key Stats: …
  • Silver Spring, MD. Key Stats: …
  • Alexandria, VA. Key Stats: …
  • Annapolis, MD. Key Stats: …
  • Frederick, MD. Key Stats: …
  • Gaithersburg, MD. Key Stats: …
  • Hyattsville, MD (tie) Key Stats: …
  • Rockville, MD (tie) Key Stats:

Is Waldorf ghetto?

Waldorf is a tad bit ghetto. I think it mainly comes from people renting their homes to section 8 recipients. There really aren’t that many apt complexes considering the density of the area. As for crime, there have been anywhere from 4 to 6 murders in Waldorf each year for the last 4 or 5 years.

What is the crime rate in Waldorf MD?

The chance that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in Waldorf; such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder; is 1 in 226. This equates to a rate of 4 per one thousand inhabitants.

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What county is La Plata Maryland?

Charles County

Why is DC not part of Maryland?

The land was originally ceded to the federal government by Virginia and Maryland in 1790. … Most residents of Maryland and D.C. do not support retrocession and D.C. statehood advocates have noted that ceding D.C. to Maryland does not have the support of the government in Maryland.

Where should I live in Maryland?

Top 11 Best Places to Live in Maryland

  • Baltimore – the Charm City. Baltimore – The City of Neighborhoods. …
  • Frederick – the City of Clustered Spires.
  • Rockville – the County Seat of Montgomery County.
  • Columbia – One of the Best Places to Live in the United States.
  • Chevy Chase, Maryland.
  • Annapolis – the Capital of Maryland.
  • Ellicott City, MD.
  • Towson, MD.

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