How Much A Duplicate Title Cost In Washington? (Question)

There is a fee of $31 when applying for a duplicate title. If you are in a rush you can pay the Quick Title cost, which starts at $50. Your information can be taken to your local vehicle licensing office.

How do I get a lost title in Washington State?

  • In the state of Washington you can apply for a duplicate car title if it has been lost. This process is done through the Washington State Department of Licensing. You can go about the process in person or by mail, whichever is the easiest for you.

How do I get a replacement title in WA?

Start the process of replacing your lost or damaged title by going to the Replace Title webpage on the Washington DOL site. How to Replace a Title

  1. Complete an Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest form.
  2. Registered owners sign the form and get it notarized.
  3. Mail or bring the completed form and fee to a DOL office:

How long does it take to get a quick title in Washington?

A Quick Title is a certificate of ownership for your vehicle or boat that you can get immediately at our office or by mail. It’s much faster than a standard title, which can take 4-8 weeks to arrive in the mail.

How can I get a replacement title for my car?

According to Road and Track Magazine, if the car is titled in your name, most states offer replacements through a local department of motor vehicles office. You may need to provide proof of ownership (such as documents for a previous loan on the vehicle) and pay a small fee to obtain the replacement.

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What happens if you lose your vehicle title?

If you lose the Certificate of Title to the car you own now–and it was titled to you–most states allow you to simply apply for a replacement title from your secretary of state or DMV. Show some documentation that the car is titled to you, pay a fee and you’ll get the new title.

How much does it cost to put a car in your name in Washington?

If the transaction is completed on time, the DMV simply charges a $15.00 fee to process a CA title transfer. Vehicle owner’s have 30 days from the date of purchase to complete a vehicle title transfer.

Can you get a duplicate car title the same day?

If your vehicle title is lost, you may replace it by processing a replacement title application at a Secretary of State branch office. If you need your title sooner, instant (same-day) title service is available at all branch offices. Instant title service requires the vehicle owner to appear in person.

Can you sell a car without a title in Washington?

If you are selling your car in Washington, you will need a clean title and a bill of sale. A clean title means it must be legible and intact, with no rips or tears, and you must not have a lien on the vehicle.

How can I get my title faster?

Going into an agency is usually the quickest way to get a duplicate title. Gather the necessary documents. A registration may serve as proof of ownership. If the registration is not available, locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your car and write it down.

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Can you sell a car with a duplicate title?

State Motor Vehicle Departments usually require that a title be present whether you’re selling, donating or salvaging a vehicle. Without the title, you usually can’t transfer ownership. If you misplace or lose an original title, your only alternative solution in most states is a duplicate title.

Can you order a duplicate title online?

You cannot order online if a duplicate title certificate requesting removal of a lien. an original or amended title certificate. in the name of a deceased owner. ordered using a Power of Attorney.

What is a duplicate title?

A duplicate title (or duplicate certificate of title) is a document which reflects all of the information that was contained in the original title as of the moment the duplicate title was created, either at the same moment as the original title, or at some later date as requested by the owner of the lands in the title.

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