How much does it cost to take the drivers test in washington

Your test can be taken at your local DOL by computer or at a driving school if you’re currently enrolled, and the cost will be $25 plus an additional test fee, which will vary by location.

Where can I take a driving test in Washington State?

  • Washington State Skills/Driving Testing. WMST Is a DOL Approved Walk in Testing Center. WMST is an approved Washington State DOL license knowledge and driving skills testing center for both car and motorcycle.

When you pass the road test, you are required to pay the fee of $36.25 (no checks).

How much is it to take the driving test in Washington?

Currently, the state charges a $20 application fee (for first-time licenses), which includes the price of the driver’s test, and a $25 licensing fee. After Oct. 1, those fees will increase to $35 for the application and $45 for the license.

How much does a drivers Licence cost in WA?

Driver licence renewal feesFee typeFeeDriver licence fee: 1 year$44.05Driver licence fee: 5 years$149.50Driver licence fee: 1 year forced by condition$29.90Driver licence fee: 2 years forced by condition$59.80

Is the Washington state driving test hard?

Washington has the hardest driving test in the US

KOMO News recently reported on a study by Siegfried and Jensen, which says that Washington state is the hardest state in the nation to pass the driving test.

How long is the driving test in Washington?

The knowledge test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions on paper, and takes about 25-40 minutes to complete. You’ll need to read the driver’s guide several times to get comfortable with the test questions.

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What’s on the Washington state driver’s test?

Washington’s road test is the most comprehensive, covering 19 maneuvers, including parallel parking, parking on a hill and backing up around a curve. Fawcett said he doesn’t know of any other state that tests drivers on the ability to back up around a corner.

How do I get a WA drivers license?

How to Get an Adult Drivers License in Washington

  1. Pre-apply online for a drivers license. …
  2. Pass the knowledge test at a testing location. …
  3. Apply for a license at a licensing office. …
  4. Schedule a drive test at a testing station and pass the test.
  5. Finalize your drivers license.

How do I get a new driver’s license in WA?

If you do not have a DoTDirect account, please follow steps 1 to 4 below.

  1. Step 1: Complete the application (Form DL26) Please download the form DL26 to apply for a replacement driver’s licence. …
  2. Step 2: Provide proof of identity. …
  3. Step 3: Get your picture taken (if required) …
  4. Step 4: Submit the application (Form DL26)

Can I renew my WA drivers Licence online?

But we have good news, times have changed and now by visiting DOL.WA.GOV you can securely renew your license or ID card ONLINE, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer! … If you’re a Washington State resident you can only renew online every other time your license or ID expires.

Can you fail parallel parking and still pass in Washington?

Parallel Parking

It is fine to touch the curb, but don’t roll over it. Even if you get points taken off for not successfully parallel parking your car, as long as you don’t hit a car or the curb too forcefully, you should still pass your test.1 мая 2019 г.

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Which state has the hardest driving test?

Washington state

What happens if you fail your driver’s test in Washington state?

If you fail the WA Driving Exam, you will not receive your WA Driver’s License. You will be able to retake your WA exam, but the waiting time in between that exam will vary. If you have failed the WA Driving Exam once, you will be able to take the exam again in one week.

Do you signal when backing up?

If you are going straight, don’t signal. If you are backing to the right, signal right. If you are backing to the left, signal left. … They signal everyone that you are going to back up.”

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