How much is the washington state fair

How do I purchase tickets for the Washington State Fair?

  • Open Labor Day Weekend! It’s the biggest party in the state, and you’re invited! Enjoy 20 days full of food, fun, music, comedy, animals and entertainment! Click the “Buy Tickets” button to purchase Washington State Fair admission and ride tickets!

And while the name officially changed a few years ago, everyone around here still calls it “The Puyallup” or just, “The Fair.” Adult admission at the gate is $14. Adult pricing applies to everyone ages 13–61. Kids ages 6–12 are $11 and kids ages 5 and under are always free. All tickets are cheaper if you buy online, in advance.

How much are Washington State Fair tickets?

Gate AdmissionBECU PRICING July 31 – Aug. 29BECU PRICING Aug. 30 – Sept. 22General (Ages 13-61)$10 (save 29%)$10.50 (save 25%)Child (ages 6-12)$9 (save 25%)$9 (save 25%)Senior (ages 62+)$9 (save 25%)$9 (save 25%)Kids 5 & UnderFREEFREE

Where can I buy Washington State Fair tickets?

Ways to Buy Admission Tickets

11 – Sept. 22 to purchase discount Washington State Fair gate admission tickets. Tickets are available at select Safeway and Albertsons stores in Pierce, King, Thurston, Kitsap and Snohomish County and at the South Hill Mall customer service …

How long does the Washington State Fair last?

It continually ranks in the top ten largest fairs in the United States and includes agricultural and pastoral displays and shows, amusement rides, and concert series. The Washington State Fair hosts two annual events: the 21-day Washington State Fair in September, and the four-day Washington State Spring Fair in April.

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Will there be a Puyallup Fair 2020?

2020 Washington State Fair Canceled

After thoughtful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Fair.

Can you bring water into Washington State Fair?

Bring a water bottle for everyone and refill at fountains all over the Fair. Sunscreen and hats will keep little noses from getting clown-like.

Why is the Puyallup Fair closed?

2020 Washington State Fair Canceled

After thoughtful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Fair. At its core, any fair, ours included, is a people-gathering event, the more people the better. That hypothesis runs contrary to the challenges of containing this pandemic.

Where can I get discount tickets for the Puyallup Fair?

Discount tickets for Washington State Fair in Puyallup

  • Buy at select Safeway and Albertsons stores, while supplies last.
  • Buy online and print at home or get them on your phone.
  • Buy 25 tickets or more.
  • Ride + admission Bundle, save 45%. …
  • Ride + admission + food Value Pack, save 50%.

Where is the Washington State Fair held?


How much money does the Puyallup Fair make?

The most recent annual report on fair operations was released in December. It showed the fair growing its revenue while saving on expenses. In 2016, the fair recorded $31 million in revenue and $30 million in expenses. In 2017, it was $32 million in revenue and $29 million in expenses.

Why did the Puyallup Fair change its name?

At least it’s not hard to pronounce: starting next year, the Puyallup Fair will officially be called the Washington State Fair — a change designed to reflect the bigness of the event and avoid a word that trips up many newcomers.

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How far is Puyallup from Seattle?

47 kilometers

Is the first day of the Puyallup Fair free?

Kids 5 and under are free each and every day of the Washington State Fair. … No coupon necessary. School age kids should also receive free tickets from their schools.

How many people go to the Puyallup Fair?

1.2 million people

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