How To Apply For A Pcci Washington? (Perfect answer)

How do I register a stud dog with PCCI?

  • 1. Secure and fill up Application for LItter Registration Form. This form is available free of charge from the PCCI office or it may be downloaded from this website. Make sure to have the Owner of the stud dog sign Part 1 of the Application. Please see the section, “Litter Registration” for more detailed discussion. 2.

How long does PCCI take to process?

The processing of the documents (transit times excluded), if everything is in order, will take no more than two weeks from the date of receipt at the PCCI office.

What is the purpose of PCCI?

A The PCCI is a nonstock, nonprofit, service-oriented corporation established for the primary purpose of handling the registration of the growing number of pure-bred dogs in the country.

How do I register for PCCI online?

How to Become a PCCI Member

  1. Download the PCCI Membership Card Form from the Application Forms Section of this website.
  2. Fill-out and sign the PCCI Membership Card that serves as your application form.
  3. Attach/Enclose a photocopy of your Identification Card and 2 pieces of your 1″ x 1″ ID picture for your PCCI ID card;

How do I join the PCCI dog show?

All applications to hold dog shows shall be filed with PCCI ( Attention: Show Committee ) on the prescribed application form, completed in full, not later than 30 days prior to the proposed show date, except when a properly scheduled dog show of an affiliated club offers to share a foreign visiting judge with another

What is PCCI listing certificate?

Dogs under the listing program will be issued with a PCCI LISTING CERTIFICATE. They are qualified to participate in all PCCI and PCCI Affiliated Clubs dog shows (championship & performance events) and can earn championship points toward its PCCI Championship Title.

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Why do dogs need papers?

Papers and pedigrees, they might say, are only necessary if you want to show or breed your dog. So you really DO want papers and a pedigree with a purebred puppy – not because their presence indicates a good quality dog, but because their ABSENCE means you can’t evaluate the puppy’s level of inbreeding.

Is American bully registered in PCCI?

American Bulldog 3. American Bully, and Other purebred dogs not recognized by the FCI. Dogs under the listing program will be issued with a PCCI LISTING CERTIFICATE.

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