How to become a correctional officer in washington state

How long does it take to become a correctional officer in Washington?

  • Corrections Training in Washington. Federal corrections officers must receive 80 hours of orientation at their assigned facility. Within six months of hiring, new officers must attend the 120 hour training program held at the Staff Training Academy in Glynco, GA.

All applicants for community corrections officer careers in Washington State must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Experience is not required, as the community corrections officer I position is considered an “in-training” position.

How do I become a correctional officer in Washington?

To be eligible for appointment as a Prison Officer position, you must:

  1. be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or hold Australian permanent residency.
  2. possess a current and unrestricted C-Class (Manual) driver’s licence.

How do you become a state correctional officer?

Steps to Becoming a Correctional Officer

  1. Obtain a high school diploma or GED. For many correctional officer jobs, a high school diploma or equivalent is all that’s required. …
  2. Obtain a bachelor’s degree (if necessary) …
  3. Pass the entrance exam. …
  4. Enter a training academy. …
  5. Gain experience. …
  6. Advance.

What disqualifies you from being a correctional officer?

A felony conviction disqualifies you from becoming a corrections officer. Failure to disclose a criminal background of any kind will also automatically disqualify you. List any misdemeanor crimes in your application, regardless of the amount of time that has elapsed since they occurred.

Is it worth becoming a correctional officer?

A correctional officer’s career is a great option if you want to gain training while you work. … You can likely expect on-the-job training as well and may receive firearms and self-defense training. There is room for advancement as a correctional officer.

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Do correctional officers take polygraph?

In order to maintain a high level of integrity and professional conduct among employees, many prisons include polygraph examinations in the hiring process. If you’ve recently applied to become a correctional officer, you’ll probably have to pass a polygraph to land the job.

What does a correctional officer do in Australia?

Ensuring inmates remain in cells safe and secure. Following up inmates to ensure they obey judicial sanctions. Enforcing good conduct and accountability among inmates. Recommending specialized care or medical attention for prisoners.

Is a correctional officer considered a cop?

You’ll probably find that correctional officers are law enforcement officers. … They are all police officers under OR law. The law includes all law enforcement officers in the definition of police officer. It is not a question of the training level, job responsibilities or the scope of authority.

What skills should a correctional officer have?

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Sound working knowledge of various legal documents and their use in the correctional system. Thorough working knowledge of policies, practices and procedures of the institution. Ability to plan, allocate, supervise and review work of subordinate officers.

What benefits do correctional officers get?

In addition to making more than the national average income, correctional officer benefits can include medical and dental insurance, retirement plans, overtime and shift differential pay, and paid military leave. Some business establishments offer police discounts to thank officers for their community service.

Who makes more a cop or a correctional officer?

As with police officers, there is expected to be growth for correctional officers with nearly 18,000 new jobs available by 2024. The median salary in 2016 was $42,820 with the top ten percent of earners in corrections making more than $74,000 per year.

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Can you have tattoos as correctional officer?

2 answers. Yes as long as they’re not gang related or obscene. Yes you can have tattoos and piercings. Don’t wear jewelry in piercings per policy and for safety.

Can you be a correctional officer if you have a DUI?

In order to become a correctional officer, an applicant must have a” clean” criminal record. Any felony conviction appearing on a background check will disqualify an individual from being a correctional officer. … Anyone with a felony or misdemeanor drug offense will be ineligible for this career.

How dangerous is a correctional officer job?

Corrections officers also face:

The risk of being injured during a body or cell search. The risk of being blindsided by an angry inmate. The risks associated with transporting inmates. Attacks with handmade prison weapons.

What is the average lifespan of a correctional officer?

A recent study of the consequences of job stress in correctional officers revealed that the life expectancy of a correctional officer is 59 years, compared to 75 years for the national average.

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