How to become a pe teacher in washington state

How much do PE teachers make in Washington state?

The average salary for a physical education teacher in Washington is around $50,970 per year.

How do I get certified to teach in Washington state?

Washington Teacher Certification Programs

In the State of Washington, prospective teachers must complete a state-approved teacher preparation program at an accredited college or university, or they must complete a state-approved alternative certification program.

How do you get certified to teach PE?

Obtaining certification

  1. Completion of a bachelor’s degree with a major (or minor) in kinesiology or another related field.
  2. Completion of a teacher preparation program (usually following the bachelor’s degree), including a period of supervised student teaching.
  3. Passing the state examination (commonly a Praxis II test)

What do I major in to become a PE teacher?

A bachelor’s degree — preferably in physical education, kinesiology or physiology, physical therapy, or nutrition and health — is a minimum education requirement for beginning physical education teachers at the middle- and high-school levels.

How much does a first year teacher make in Washington state?

Share storyBase SalaryTotalFirst-year$34,048$44,372Mid-career$44,790$59,444Veteran$60,661$79,788

Is there a teacher shortage in Washington state?

The state measures its teacher shortage by looking at how many limiting teaching credentials it issues. Since 2013, the number has tripled. … Those factors are also among those that have kept Washington state’s teacher workforce predominantly white, as Education Lab reported in 2018.

Can you teach PE without a degree?

Education Requirements for Teaching PE

Those who wish to teach Physical Education in the public sector are required to possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a state-issued license to teach P.E. Licensure can be attained through the completion of a teacher education program focused on health and fitness.

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