How to get from washington dc to dulles airport

There are 5 ways to get from Washington DC to Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) by metro, bus, Uber/Lyft, shuttle or executive car service. Private Car Service: perfect for business and leisure travelers that prefer premium service Taxi/Uber/Lyft: best for people who focus on budget and still want some level of comfort

How much is a shuttle from Dulles to DC?

The trip takes about 15 minutes. The one-way fare for adults is $5.00. Children younger than 2 years ride for free. To find the bus stop at Dulles Airport, go to the Arrival Door 4, in the center of the Terminal Building.

How much does Uber cost from Dulles to Washington DC?

Possible Flat RatesIAD Airport ↔ Inside DC Beltway$65.00Downtown Baltimore ↔ Inside DC Beltway$105BWI Airport ↔ Inside DC Beltway$85.00

Does Amtrak go to Dulles Airport?

Dulles International Airport is one of Washington D.C.’s major airports. There are three Amtrak stations that are 30 to 40 minutes away by car: Manassas, Burke Centre (in Fairfax, Virginia) and Rockville (in Maryland).

How far is Dulles Airport from Washington DC?

Dulles is about 27 miles from downtown, about 10 miles closer than BWI, but about 20 miles further than Reagan/National. United Airlines has a hub at Washington Dulles, flying over 60% of the passengers arriving and departing the airport.

Is Super Shuttle cheaper than Uber?

It depends. My experience in New York is that super shuttle is cheaper than Uber considering traveling distance. … Super Shuttle used to be cheaper, but in recent 1-2 years they hiked the price by 40% so now Uber is cheaper.

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How much is a taxi from Dulles to DC?

This page will calculate your cab fare using Washington, DC taxi rates. To begin, enter your travel information in the fields below the map. Per Washington, DC rates$70.75 incl.

Approximate Breakdown.Initial Fare$3.25Credit Card Fee$0.25Airport Fee$4.00Tip (15%)$9.23Estimated Taxi Fare$70.75

Does Uber go to Dulles Airport?

The Uber app is available to travelers heading to Dulles International Airport. Based on the operating agreement with the airport, riders can be dropped off on the Departures level.

Can Uber pick up at Dulles Airport?

Pick up/Drop-off: Your Uber partner will drop you curbside at your airline’s departure gate at the terminal. If you’re arriving at IAD, pass through baggage claim on the lower level and meet at the arrivals curb. It’s best to coordinate which door (1-7) you should meet.

Where is LYFT at Dulles Airport?

Dulles International Airport | IAD.

  • Terminal A: Pick up passengers in the designated areas on the second curb, in front of the terminal on Aviation Circle.
  • Terminals B & C: Passenger pickups will occur on the upper level only by doors 1, 3 & 6. …
  • The Lyft app moves the passenger’s pin to an approved pickup area.

How do I get to Dulles airport by metro?

With direct service from Dulles Airport to Metro’s Silver Line, the Silver Line Express Bus provides a convenient, economical connection between Dulles’ Terminal and the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station on Metrotrail’s Silver Line. The trip takes about 15 minutes. For more information, please call 703-572-7661.

How much is the 5a bus to Dulles?

The 5A starts at L’Enfant Plaza, with stops at Rosslyn and the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride Lot before reaching Dulles. Riders pay $7 for the ride. A ride on the Silver Line from L’Enfant is $5.90 and a Fairfax Connector bus to the airport would cost $1.25 if transferring from the rail system.

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Is the Silver Line to Dulles open?

The opening date for the Silver Line to Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County, Virginia, keeps slipping, with the latest estimates from construction contractors potentially pushing the start of service into 2021. … As of December, construction contractors do not expect to complete the rail yard until Sept.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Washington DC?

In the District, taxis will set you back $5.14 to go one mile, while UberX ranges from $5 to $7. … But while taxis might be cheaper in D.C., it’s not always the case in other cities. In Los Angeles, taxis cost $5.25 to go one mile, while UberX ranges from $4 to $5, according to the study.

Is it better to fly into Reagan or Dulles?

One of the biggest benefits of Reagan National (DCA) is its proximity to the city, only about four miles as compared to 27 miles to Dulles (IAD). … With no traffic, it’s possible to make it from Reagan National to the White House in 10 to 15 minutes. Reagan National Airport has its own Metro rail stop.

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