How To Get Shade Tech Cache North Of Washington Monument? (Correct answer)

So, what you have to do is to go to the south of the skid row area. Find the watchtower there; you’ll recognize it pretty easily, since it’s draped with an American flag. Then, look to the north. Basically, follow the yellow ropes above you with your gaze.

Where is the SHD Tech cache in West Potomac Park?

  • To get the Division 2 SHD Tech Cache in the northeast corner in West Potomac Park, near the Washington Monument, you’ll have to shoot out a lock preventing you from reaching it. The SHD cache in question is near the center of the skid row-looking area, full of RVs and houses made of palettes and plastic sheets.

How do I get the SHD cache by the Washington Monument?

SHD Tech Cache 3 You can do this by climbing on the toilets, on the right side of the said gate. Alternatively, you can get inside by climbing on one of the vans near the fence. Once inside get the cache in front of the door.

How do you get the shade tech cache in West Potomac Park?

To get inside, go to the west side of the fenced area and look for a break in the fence. Aim through the break and shoot the lock on the door. Walk inside and grab the cache. That’s all the caches in the West Potomac Park.

How do I get into SHD tech cache?

At the top of the fire escape, hop to the grassy path straight ahead, and you’ll come to a door with a no trespassing sign above it. Go inside, take the path to the right and open the closed door. You’ll come to this dimly lit room with a ladder. The SHD Tech Cache is here.

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How do you get shade Tech?

SHD Tech resources come from the Strategic Homeland Division, and you can earn them in several ways:

  1. Leveling up.
  2. Completing story missions.
  3. Discovering SHD Tech in the game’s open world.
  4. Finishing SHD-specific side missions.

Where is West Potomac Park in Division 2?

West Potomac Park is one of the zones that is found in Washington, D.C. and is arguably the largest zone in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

How do I get the SHD tech cache in the West End?

Go around the building and look for a garage door with a blue billboard above it. On it, you can read “Construction and Industrial Sanitation”. This garage door faces the docks and nearby you should also see a red boat. Open the door and inside you’ll find the Tech Cache and an Outcasts Cache.

Do SHD caches Respawn?

Climb up the rope, walk past the patio furniture and climb up the big box ahead of you. Drop down into this area. Drop down again from here, and there will be an SHD Tech Cache at the bottom. Remember to mark these five locations so you can come back to them later when the caches respawn.

How can I get SHD tech fast?

The best way of farming SHD tech is to do the SHD side missions. You will get plenty of SHD Tech from these missions. It is also great for leveling up as you have to deal with plenty of enemies. Multiple side missions can get you a massive chunk of Shade Tech at once.

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What does SHD Tech do?

SHD Tech is used for unlocking new Skills and perks for your character, and this can be done through the Quartermaster back at the White House Base of Operations. The Skills include returning abilities such as the Turret and Seeker Mine, while there are new ones like the Chem Launcher and Drone.

What is SHD calibration d2?

Project Materials (SHD Calibration) These are materials gained from completing Daily and Weekly projects (PvE and PvP). Weekly Projects will give substantially more materials than Daily Projects.

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