How to get to washington nationals stadium

Does the metro go to Washington Nationals Stadium?

You’ll be batting a thousand every time you travel to your nearest Metro Park and Ride lot for a quick and easy trip to Nationals Park. When you arrive at the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metrorail station on the Green Line, you’ll have only a short block walk to the ballpark.

Where is the stadium for Washington Nationals?


How far is Union Station from Nationals Park?

2 miles

Can you buy Washington Nationals tickets at the stadium?

Tickets must be purchased at the Nationals Park Box Office with the appropriate identification, day-of-game only. Transactions are limited to one (1) ticket per person.

What can you carry into Nationals Park?

Food items and soft-sided coolers that meet the size requirements are still permitted. Metal, plastic and glass containers are prohibited, except for clear, factory-sealed or empty plastic water bottles no larger than one liter, juice boxes, insulin containers and baby food.

How do I get from Vienna to Nationals Park by Metro?

There is no direct connection from Vienna to Nationals Park. However, you can take the line 463 bus to Vienna Metro North Bay F, take the walk to VIENNA station, take the subway to CAPITOL SOUTH station, then take the walk to Nationals Park.

What is there to do at Nationals Park?

Baseball season is here: 12 things to do around Nationals Park

  • Catch weekly outdoor concerts — plus DC JazzFest. …
  • Make a splash. …
  • Cool off with a cone. …
  • Peruse the farmers market. …
  • Get fit for free. …
  • Dig into the area’s fine dining options. …
  • Boat before baseball. …
  • Fly through the air with the greatest of ease …
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How much are season tickets for the Washington Nationals?

The cheapest season ticket for the Washington Nationals would cost $815 – and that’s to sit in the Upper Outfield Gallery. If you’d like to sit in left field or right field for your season tickets, well, that would run you $1,630 per seat.

How old is Washington Nationals Stadium?

14c. 2006-2008

How much are the cheapest World Series tickets?

Games 1 and 2, the cheapest games of the series, are averaging about $1,000 per ticket.

How much does a World Series ticket cost?

World Series ticket prices can vary depending on the matchup, location, and point in the series. On average, World Series tickets resell for about $1000, and tickets for games earlier in the Series tend to be at a price point below this average while the later games can be more expensive.

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