How To Write A Will In Washington State? (Correct answer)

Steps to Create a Will in Washington

  1. Decide what property to include in your will.
  2. Decide who will inherit your property.
  3. Choose an executor to handle your estate.
  4. Choose a guardian for your children.
  5. Choose someone to manage children’s property.
  6. Make your will.
  7. Sign your will in front of witnesses.

How to make a will by yourself?

  • Enter basic information (name,address,marital status,children)
  • Name a Will Executor
  • Describe how you would like your assets to be distributed
  • Download and save your document in Adobe.pdf or editable.docx

Can you write your own will in Washington State?

Washington doesn’t recognize holographic, or handwritten Wills, signed only by the testator. A valid Will in Washington needs to be signed by the testator in the presence of two disinterested witnesses who also sign.

How do I do a free will in Washington State?

Washington Wills is a free online library to help residents of Washington State draft their own last will and testament.

  1. Write a Document. Write your own simple will and other basic estate plan documents with our free forms and instructions.
  2. Glossary.
  3. Ask a Lawyer.

How much does it cost to make a will in Washington State?

For your convenience, some examples of the cost of wills and other estate planning documents are as follows: Simple Will (single person) $300.00. 2 Simple Wills (for married couple) $500.00. Trust Will with Minor Children (single person) $350.00.

Can I write my own will and it be legal?

Can someone write their own will? Typically, anyone can prepare a will if they are over 18 years old and deemed to be of sound mind (also called “testamentary capacity”, where a person must have the mental capacity to understand the document they are creating ).

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Does a will have to be notarized?

A will doesn’t have to be notarized to be valid. But in most states, you’ll want to add a “self-proving affidavit” to your will, which must be signed by your witnesses and notarized. If you sign your will in a lawyer’s office, the lawyer will provide a notary public.

How do you write a simple will without a lawyer?

Steps to make a will without a lawyer

  1. Decide how you’re going to make your will.
  2. Include necessary language to make your will valid.
  3. Choose a guardian for your minor children.
  4. List your assets.
  5. Choose who will get each of your assets.
  6. Choose a residuary beneficiary.
  7. Decide what should happen to your pets.

Does a will have to be notarized in Washington?

No, in Washington, you do not need to notarize your will to make it legal. However, Washington allows you to make your will “self-proving” and you’ll need to go to a notary if you want to do that. A self-proving will speeds up probate because the court can accept the will without contacting the witnesses who signed it.

How do I write a simple will?

Writing Your Will

  1. Create the initial document. Start by titling the document “Last Will and Testament” and including your full legal name and address.
  2. Designate an executor.
  3. Appoint a guardian.
  4. Name the beneficiaries.
  5. Designate the assets.
  6. Ask witnesses to sign your will.
  7. Store your will in a safe place.

Do you need a lawyer to make a will?

No, you aren’t required to hire a lawyer to prepare your will, though an experienced lawyer can provide useful advice on estate-planning strategies such as living trusts. Your state’s departments of aging also might be able to direct you to free or low-cost resources for estate planning.

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What you should never put in your will?

Conditions that include marriage, divorce, or the change of the recipient’s religion cannot be provisions in a legal will. Therefore, a court will not enforce them. You can put certain other types of conditions on gifts. Usually, these types of conditions are to encourage someone to do or not do something.

When should I write a will?


  1. A will is a legal document that dictates the distribution of assets when you die.
  2. You definitely need a will if you are married, have kids, or have a lot of assets.
  3. You may not need a will if you are young, single, childless, and broke.

Where can I get a will notarized?

You can either get the Affidavit notarized in your lawyer’s office or by searching for a notary public in your area. Notaries are often available at real estate offices, postal services, or banks. There are also mobile notaries that can come to you for a fee.

What would make a will invalid?

A will is invalid if it is not properly witnessed or signed. Most commonly, two witnesses must sign the will in the testator’s presence after watching the testator sign the will. The witnesses typically need to be a certain age, and should generally not stand to inherit anything from the will.

How do you write a simple will for free?

How to Make My Own Will Free of Charge

  1. Choose an online legal services provider or locate a will template.
  2. Carefully consider your distribution wishes.
  3. Identify a personal representative/executor.
  4. Understand the requirements to make your will legal.
  5. Make sure someone else knows about your will.

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