What Channel Is The Washington Redskin Game On? (Question)

TV: ESPN CBS ESPN will feature Steve Levy (play-by-play), Brian Griese (analyst), and Louis Riddick (analyst), with Lisa Salters reporting on the sidelines.5

What channel is the Steelers game on?

  • Steelers games in 2018 will be broadcast on either CBS (10 games–select markets), NBC (3 games–nationally televised), Fox (1 games–select markets), NFL Network (1 game–nationally televised) or ESPN (1 game–nationally televised).

What channel is the Washington Cincinnati game on?

TV Channel: WKRC-TV ( CBS Channel 12 ) in Cincinnati.

What TV station is the Washington game on?

CBS. Watch Washington Football games live on CBS.

What channel is Bengals football on today?

CBS. Watch Bengals games live on CBS.

What channel is Washington football on directv?

What channel is NBC Sports Washington HD on DIRECTV? NBC Sports Washington HD is on channel 642.

What channel is Thursday night football on?

“Thursday Night Football” will continue to be simulcast on both Fox and NFL Network. The two networks will each show a broadcast featuring Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call, and that will continue for the rest of the 2021 NFL season.

How can I watch the Bengals game on Roku?

So YouTube TV will net you access to all of the regular-season games the Bengals play this year, as long as you live in the right market. YouTube TV gives you fantastic compatibility, working not only with your Roku and Google Chromecast, but also gaming systems like Xbox, and Playstation.

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